I either found my rope, or lost my horse

But in any case, I found my blog after a long hiatus. Took a sanity week, er, month, ah . . . maybe it’s been closer to a year since I kept it up religiously, but something had to go, and truly, there has been nothing to say other than shrimp are being prolific, yarn is moving from yarn shop, to stash, to fingers, to shelf. Garden is growing despite the lack of rain (Got a call from the city letting me know my water use is up and to check for a leaking pipe. Yea-a-a-ah.)

Plans for DragonCon are settling in. (Giving away a hardcover this year at my panel on Sunday. More on that when it’s finalized.) The cover for PERFUNCTORY AFFECTION is looking good, and I should have a pub date and a show-and-tell soon. rEVOLUTION is being shopped, and AMERICAN DEMON (Hollows) should hit page 300 this Friday if I hustle. Looks like it’s going to hit a pleasant 450, so I’m almost there.

This has begun to look like a confession. Forgive me, Reader. I have sinned. It’s been five months since my last word vomit . . .

Biggest news in my low-news world is I got Al done. He looks great, and I went back into my files to find out how long I’ve been working on him. He was one of the first dolls I made back in 2016, so he clearly needed a remake.

Oh, and I dyed my hair blue.




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26 responses to “I either found my rope, or lost my horse

  1. Am I reading this right? Is there going to be a new Hollows book coming out? Or is going to be a spin off like the Turn? I’ve apparantly missed all the juicy gossip on this one!

    • anastaciast

      For real! A brand-new Hollows/Rachel book is being written! The last we heard, Kim was at 300 and some odd pages!!! 🙂

    • Wow! I couldn’t be more excited!!

    • I’ve searched her blog and facebook for an announcement or post about it but I can’t find one. That’s why I questioned it. If anyone can point me to the announcement I’d love to read it….If not that’s ok, I’ll just be happy that shes writing Rachel again!

    • I’ve searched her blog and facebook for an announcement or post about it but I can’t find one. That’s why I questioned it. If anyone can point me to the announcement I’d love to read it….If not that’s ok, I’ll just be happy that shes writing Rachel again!

    • anastaciast

      Yes, the world rocked a bit on her axis when Kim announced this!

  2. Love it! I’m excited to hear about the new Hollows book. I’m rereading the series while doing chemo. The book covers are real conversation starters…….lol. I’m looking forward to your next Cincinnati visit.

  3. Ellen

    Would love to see a pic of your blue hair!

  4. Yay! I have missed your blog posts. Glad you are back at it!

  5. Karen

    Oh, and I’m glad you decided to check in. I literally just checked my settings yesterday to make sure I was still subscribed.
    Enjoy the garden and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you get some rain. Don’t want to get a nastygram from the water company.

  6. Karen

    New Al looks fabulous!

  7. anastaciast

    Oh, and I dyed my hair blue.?! You are such a funny person. I’ll bet it looks great on you. You may as well make two of the doctor knitted dolls because I am going to need the second one! He is my doctor! So so looking forward to new books! Happy for you that you are working and making yourself happy. Cheers!

  8. Jen

    Al looks fabulous, and I bet you do too with your new blue hair. Lovely to see what you have been up to, and I’m super excited for the new books.

  9. No picture of the new hair, I can’t wait to read the new books

  10. As always, looking forward to your next book releases.

  11. Al looks like he is the Baker Dr. Who! I have plants if you are interested.

  12. Love AI, now where’s the photo of your hair! I am so jealous of the fab hair colors. I have a friend who does pink because it’s her favorite color, and looks wonderful. She’s a musician. And yay, for Hollows.

  13. I love Al soooo much! I still order his coffee from Starbucks, told the baristas WHY I order it that way and now some of them read your books. I’m going to need to see your amazing blue hair…Hayden did hers multi several years ago, starting with pink in support of my breast cancer. I’ll show a pic, if you will! Sending hugs from Nashville and Ingram!! ~Jane~

  14. Rosie Sanchez

    Out of all that, I want to see the blue hair.😁 lol

  15. Judith Saul

    I love your posts on FB and I enjoy your blog posts. Nice to hear what’s going on with you and seeing the photo’s. Looking forward to next book. Thank you for all the enjoyment you give me with your writing talent.
    I’m a crochet and knitter, but not in your league. I’m very good at blankets, shawls and clothes. Large teddy bears and Octopuses for babies. That’s as close as I come to what you do. Love seeing your creative dragons and dolls. Thank you again. Have a great day.

  16. Ed C

    Every post you write is worth waiting for so you are forgiven. Al looks awesome. Since my retirement as a librarian I have really wanted to try making on of your dragons but it seems I am busier now than when I was working at the library. Are you going to post a picture of your blue hair? Looking forward to all the up coming titles

  17. Erika B.

    Al looks great! You’ve been a busy girl. It’s no wonder you haven’t been blogging! So now where’s the picture of the blue hair? 😉

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