It only looks as if I’ve been on vacation

Okay, it’s been more than a few weeks since I’ve announced anything or posted pictures beyond my hobbies of knitting characters, and breeding shrimp. Not to mention the 20 yards of mulch in my driveway. You might even think I’ve been on vacation with those snapshots of palm trees and bike paths, and I will admit that that refilling the imagination well has figured into it. With no book coming out since, uh, yeah . . . it seems like somewhat of a dry spell, but believe me, work has been crossing my desk between the yarn patterns and McGyvering a better shrimp net. (More on that later. I finally have a new one I can’t wait to show off.)

Not to mention that those who know me well know I can keep a good secret. Heck, I’ve had long-time friendships that were known only to me. But at long last, I have a smidgen of book news to share.

Remember me talking about Meg a while back? Yep, my tireless and dogged agent Jennifer Jackson found a home for her, and PERFUNCTORY AFFECTION has been picked up by Subterranean Press. Meg’s story is a really odd length, about 40,000 words shy of what I’d call a full novel, but way beyond novella size, and because I was reluctant to pad it with fluff just to get it there, and — if everyone was honest – because it didn’t have Rachel in it, it was hard to place.

So there it is. PERFUNCTORY AFFECTION, sometime next year, and because it’s coming out through Subterranean Press, it will be a little pricy compared to what you might expect, and very, very worth it with heavy paper, beautiful detailing, and all the bells and whistles. (It will be in e-book as well.)

Meg deserves it. Her story is a little uneasy, a little queazy, and echoes in my head like thunder between mountains, soft and almost unheard in warning.


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55 responses to “It only looks as if I’ve been on vacation

  1. Lori

    Are you planning a sequel to The Turn? It felt unfinished?

    • Hi Lori. Eventually, yes! I have ideas.

    • Bws

      Finished Hollows (Audio). Loved it. Was addictive. Just finished Turn this morning. It was a sad ending. Thinking about Trent in Book 13 aside. Karl got the most and deserved it the least. He was just nasty, cruel. Trisk had to sacrifice everything. Extreme that ito make her so pliable in the end that a look from Kal makes her stand at his side and she can’t even make the announcement. Do the elves stay hidden but all other Inderlanders get revealed? I understood Orchid leaving Kal but presented as a loyal friend and then leaves Daniel in a couple days to go with Renn? Will she reunite in Turn 2 and find a Buck of course? Lastly, need more on marriage and birth of baby between Trisk and Kal. There’s no obvious connector to DWw unless I missed it or is there a book that covers it since in Hollows Lucy is 1st child? Quen portrayed as older than Trent but based on Turn he, Kal and Trisk are same age. Time is off. Tacatta is a teen in Turn but he should be age of Kal’s parents. Ok, both Trisk and Kal planned to seduce each other. Kal is still a pompous, arrogant troll turd eating maggot, but is smart. Hard to see him now as Trent in WWNN.There has to be another book closing all of the gaps Bws

    • Hi Lori.

      I’m glad you liked THE TURN. Thank you! I’m sorry about all your questions, but I think you missed one very important part. Kal is not Trent, though they share the same name. Kal is Trent’s dad.

      And yes, there will eventually be more books with Trisk and Kal, and a baby Trent if I get my way.

  2. So pleased!! I daresay Meg will be appearing on my Kobo long before I can find her in an Australian bookstore, but I’ll take her just however I can get her fastest 🤩

  3. Angi Hoagland

    Great news!! While I am perfectly content to re-read The Hollows books many times (I know it’s hit a dozen, at least and I can pick them up again at anytime without being bored!) I am looking forward to meeting new characters in this new world. Happy shrimping!

  4. Martin

    News from you about a new book is always good news. Thank you

  5. Karen

    There’s nothing wrong with a vacation. You can’t pour water from an empty vessel.
    What genre would you classify the new book? I’m not familiar with the publisher.

  6. Thanks, nice to know you’re still bringing out your wonderful stories.Warmest regards, Tasha

  7. Seattle Park Lover

    Congrats. I’ve read quite a few books from Subterranean. They do a great job with atypical length stories so it seems like a good fit.

  8. Subterranean Press books are lovely and what a great fit!

  9. And, for the record, I really need that dragon statue for my yard. Would look awesome curling around my pond!

  10. Good to see you still got the Mojo!

  11. I was hoping I’d hear from you soon. Very glad and will always buy because a good writer is a good writer, even when characters change.

  12. Leanne Rae

    I love your characters! I’m so excited to meet Meg! You’re my insta buy author so you can count on me getting the nice paper copy and the e-book lol

  13. Susan Blakeney

    Dude, you are an absolute master in the author book plot teases 😉
    I cannot wait to be introduced to Megs world 🙂

  14. Glad to hear you have another book readying for publication, even if it is still a year away — I must have missed your talking a bout Meg, but I have yet to dislike any of your writing so I’ll be looking forward to this publication.

    Are we any nearer to a possible publication of The Agent? I’m suffering from withdrawal symptoms! Oh, and while I’m at it, do you have a follow up of The Turn lurking anywhere in your mind or even in more tangible form?

    • The Agent is still looking for a home, but maybe soon. If I get tired of waiting, I’ll do it myself, but I’d rather not. And yes, I’ve got a story plot for the sequel to the Turn.

    • Amy

      Yes! Waiting here for both The Agent and more of The Turn! Glad both are in the works.

  15. Annette Rurka

    Love hearing that you have a new release coming out! I look forward to acquainting myself with this unique character.

  16. Rob and Jason

    This is so cool! Might it be available in audio as well?

  17. Emily

    Yeah! I love Subterranean Press and always wished they would do a run of the Hollows. Happy you’ve found a home with them.

  18. Meg Winter

    I love that you have a character named Meg!

  19. Woohoo! I’m so happy to have another KH to add to my well-loved, well-read, collection. You NEVER disappoint. ❤

  20. Giselle

    A new book from one of my favourite authors. Can’t wait.

  21. Edward N. Carson

    More than willing to wait for ANY Kim Harrison books. I know Meg will be worth. Glad to hear the news.

  22. Christine McCann

    Yes! A new book from a favorite author with a favorite publisher! *happy reader dance*

  23. chellypike

    Yay! Congrats! I can’t wait to read it.

  24. David Pew

    Awesome!!! Can’t wait to meet/read Meg. And I love Subterranean Press books!

  25. Heya Kim, that’s what I call some good news! I have some too: I finally (after 7 years) managed to land a job at a small fantasy publishing house, wouhou! Soooo, what is Meg exactly about? Have you sold any rights yet? 😉 You have my email!
    Amy aka Aimée from Germany

    • Amy! That is fantastic news! I haven’t sold any international rights, no. Let me talk to my agent. She may want to add your house to the list of people to contact. 🙂

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