Color Blind

Lookie, Lookie! Kim’s got a cookie!

To round out your Hollows library, or help get a friend hooked, The Undead Pool and The Witch With No Name are both on sale at Amazon for your Kindle. There are also a ton of other great titles included in this promotion, so check them out.

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And as B&N doesn’t like to be left out, here are their links for the Nook.

The Undead Pool

Witch with No Name

I will admit the sale attention feels pretty good this morning, the emotion of which filtered down into breakfast, following me into the bathroom when I brushed my teeth, and so, for the first time in a while, I actually looked in the mirror–leading me to think I must have been color blind this morning when I got dressed.

Absolutely nothing matches. Tan shorts, long-sleeved shirt, (because it’s cold this morning,) black chemise (because it’s going to be hot this afternoon,) white socks and orange plastic flip flops. Mmmm. It’s the last two that disturb me the most. Perhaps I have taken this a shade too far.


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8 responses to “Color Blind

  1. Charlie Morgan

    Love you!

  2. Edward N. Carson

    I have so missed your posts! Glad to hear from you and will definitely spread the word. I kinda like the sock thing.

  3. I seem to already own the Kindles, the audiobooks AND the hard covers. I would have bought them again, but I’m on their list! Meanwhile, here? It’s snowing.

    • Angela Hoagland

      Right! I don’t have the print books (except for the Hollows Insider, had to get that one in hardcover!) but I do have all of the ebooks and audios. I am actually in the middle of Black Magic Sanction today on my latest re-read. Still my all-time favorite series.

  4. I never speak ill of winter attire. But yeah, that summer shoe and sock thing is another. For some reason, it makes me think of Al Bundy.

  5. Sandi Robinson

    “A shade too far”? Sounds just right to me!

  6. Erika B

    A shade too far!! 😂😂 Oh my that made me giggle! Can I be jealous that you are somewhere warm enough for shorts?

  7. Ruthie

    Kim, I adore you, but as I’d tell any friend I care deeply for, the orange sandals and socks have got to go! 😂

    You rock and I’m looking forward to whatever you write next!!!

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