I have to laugh at myself and my infrequent nightmares. Tim and I were discussing it yesterday morning after he complained of having restless sleep. Seems the two Halloween movies we watched before going to bed stuck with him all night. Me? I slept like a contented baby. It’s the evenings that we watch the news before bed that leave me with nightmares.Oddly enough, those are the nights that Tim sleeps the best–so he says.

This morning, though, I was visited by a recurring nightmare that has plagued me on and off since high school. Chances are, you’ve had a version as well. It’s the “back-to-school-can’t-find-my-class nightmare” with the “didn’t-bring-my-book” chaser.

I used to have these every fall when classes started back up, but it’s been awhile. This time, I managed to get on my teacher’s bad side in less than ten minutes. High School English class. I still shudder. Not a happy time for me.


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16 responses to “Nightmares

  1. Katie

    What happened to Trisk’s childbwith Trent??

  2. I have a reoccurring nightmare theme of being chased by psycho killers. Sometimes once a week. Sometimes once a month. Sometimes they disappear for a few months. …But they always come back…

  3. Mindwiped

    I occasionally have the same dreams that Vampyre has. It’s so detailed that after I’d have the dreams overnight on a Tuesday, I’d go into work/school, and swear it was Thursday. It made the week so long!

    I’ve also had the Deja Vu creepy ones where I dream something, then it actually happens, just like it did in the dream! I’m not quite sure which type Vampyre had, but I’ve got both.

    My brother is a sleepwalker/talker. Her will have his eyes open and be coherent, but not remember /any/ of it in the morning. As a child he would have versions of night terrors, where he’d pace the hall, talking about getting ill. One week was particularly bad, and after three nights of him and my mother pacing past my bedroom (between his room and the bathroom) for at least an hour, I’d had enough. It began night four, and I opened my bedroom door and yelled, “Joe*, either go throw up or go to bed, ‘gosh darn’ it!” (Cleaning up my language, I was frustrated and sleep deprived.) Bless his heart, he went to bed, and went back into non-sleepwalking rest. After that, mom stopped pacing with him, and just started telling him to go back to bed.

    *Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

  4. Vampyre

    I have several reoccuring themes. Theres the “hey where are my clothes”, “fast car no breaks stop sign”, “back to high school” and combinations of them.

    In most of my dreams, I’m in my 30’s. I have the most control over the High school one. Once I remember I graduated in ’74, it ususlly ends.

    When I was a kid, I had 4 or 5 dreams that actually happened. Each one was less detailed than the previous one. The last one that I remember was very shadowy and happened when I was about 22.

  5. Jane Wickman

    After watching Avatar last week. Couldn’t really even call it a nightmare, more of a “Oh jeez, a dinosaur clawed up the awning on dad’s golf cart. Oh well, these things happen.” (Dad’s not rich, just 85Y in an assisted living community)

  6. Cass McGeiger

    I hardly ever have nightmares about school, although I was seriously bullied and made fun of. My recurring nightmare is about waiting tables. I am the only waitress for both floors (actually happened, more than once, but the upper floor only had about 6 tables), and I can’t find the coffee cups or water glasses; and tables turned over before I even had them cleaned off; and the cook left; and everyone is yelling at me. (Didn’t happen.)

  7. School nightmare, check.
    Naked at work nightmare, check.
    Back with my ex-husband nightmare, check.
    Charles Manson coming to my house nightmare . . . . augh.
    I found the cure for nightmares, retirement.

  8. It’s refreshing to know you don’t have nightmares often. I’m plagued with them practically nightly. I have had to get over that old adage that they are the fodder for writers, because really…I don’t want to write about that stuff much.

  9. Rita

    My childhood nightmares were mostly involving getting separated from my parents on an outing and not being able to find them. Then when the younger siblings came along, I was trying to take care of the 4 of them while trying to find my parents. As I had my own children, the nightmare reversed itself.

  10. Aaron Jeffries

    My nightmares vary, but most happen in that hour before rising for the day. Nothing like a nightmare to kick start your day. *shudders*

  11. Kathy Mercon

    When i was 7 we moved into a large older home (3 floors) and for the first time I had my own room. Every night I would dream about creatures coming out of my closet. It was 1960, and the movie The TIme Machine had just come out…it was the Morlocks, I swear. Anyway. I would make sure that my closet door was shut tight every night, and every morning that door was open. When I was an adult, I was talking with my aunt and uncle about that old house, and they said that when they came to visit us and stayed in my room, the closet door would open in the middle of the night and they swore that they saw shadows moving across the room. It freaked them out to the point that they decided not to sleep in that room again. Soooooo…nightmare??? Or creepy things really in my room at night?

  12. Judy Saul

    I had problems with high school English also. My reoccurring nightmare is a house full of furniture and no way to get out. I can see the door, but every time I try to get to it the path changes and I can’t reach it. Very frustrating.

  13. The news leaves me with nightmares as well my school nightmares these days seems to involve my kids not having their projects on time.

  14. Erika

    One nightmare is not remembering where my locker is, what the combination is to the lock and can’t figure out even how to open it if I actually have the other two components figured out. My other nightmare is forgetting my birth control pill. Mind you, we have 4 kids and my husband had a vasectomy 15 years ago! LOL! Some nightmares die hard!

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