Sunday Dragon Con events

I am taking a few days off to chase the upcoming solar eclipse, so I won’t be posting my next first-paragraphs until I get back. Instead, I’ve go my Saturday events for DragonCon, today. If you can only go to one day, Sunday is a good one Check out that amazing panel at 7:00 pm. Dude, I am in heaven.

But please post yours! You guys have been posting some amazing stuff.

Title: Creativity 101
Description: Keeping your creative energy bristling with ideas isn’t easy. Try these concrete tips and ideas to boost your creativity.
Time: Sun 11:30 am  Location: Embassy CD – Hyatt (Length: 1 Hour)
(Tentative Panelists: Janny Wurts, Kim Harrison, Lucienne Diver, Nancy Knight, Ali Fisher, David Macinnis Gill)

Title: Autograph Session
Time: Sun 1:00 pm  Location: International hall South 1-3 – Marriott (Length: 1 Hour)
(Tentative Panelists: Patricia Briggs, Faith Hunter, Chloe Neill, Kim Harrison)

Title: An Hour with Kim Harrison
Description: Audience Q&A with the best-selling author of The Hollows series, the Peri Reed Chronicles, and the Madison Avery series for young adults.
Time: Sun 04:00 pm  Location: Regency VI-VII – Hyatt (Length: 1 Hour)
(Tentative Panelists: Kim Harrison)

Title: From the Beginning: The Evolution of the Urban Fantasy Protagonist
Description: The authors on our panel have played a vital role in the advancement of the urban fantasy genre. We’ll discuss how these seminal characters have developed and changed over time, all while continuing to influence the field.
Time: Sun 07:00 pm  Location: Peachtree Ballroom – Westin (Length: 1 Hour)
(Tentative Panelists: Patricia Briggs, Laurell K. Hamilton, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Jim Butcher, Kim Harrison)


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23 responses to “Sunday Dragon Con events

  1. Hi Kim,
    I think I wasn’t logged in when I posted my paragraph last weekend, so I doubt it came through, but thought I would check before I reposted it at the next writer share. I also asked about the dragon con streaming and if purchasing it showed support for authors if we were unable to make the event?

  2. Jhen Fry

    So bummed about Dragon Con! What a panel!! I hope you have a blast!

    Chapter 11

    The driver stands beside the open rear doors of the bad ass, black, beast of a Hum Vee limo, hands behind her back. A military habit when at ease. She’s ex-special forces by the look of her. White blonde hair cut short, a little longer in the front than the back. She’s tall. Almost as tall as I am, and just about as broad in the shoulders. I’m willing to bet she’s completely wired. Dressed in a black tailored silk shirt, and fitted, low rise slacks. Her boots are stylish, but more practical than they look.
    When she looks over at me, I can see that her eyes are completely silvered.
    “My Name’s Erikka.” She says, giving us a perfect white toothed smile. “I’ll be your driver tonight.”
    She can’t help it either, staring at Rowena just a little too long, before she looks down, straightens her spine and turns those spiffy, fully cybered eyes on me.
    “That was one hell of a duel.” She says to me.

  3. Vampyre

    Happy Eclipse Day Kim. So far the weather looks giid for it down here but there is up to s 40% chance of rain. Still it’s very exciting.

    My method of viewing is by usi g a mirror. to reflect it onto a wall. It works really well for me.

  4. I hope you have tons of fun at D*C this year! I wish I could make it.

    Chapter Eleven

    Exhausted, Ody plopped herself on the couch next to Conley satisfied with how clean everything appeared. Her home felt like home again, and possibly one day after the war, she would return.
    “Thank you.” Ody voice was softer than she planned. The middle of the night crept up too fast.
    Conley cupped her cheeks in his hands and kissed her forehead sending tingles down her body. “This house is important to you, my quaint Odelynne. I know how much you love it.”
    Closing her eyes, she laid her head on his shoulder knowing he wouldn’t mind. Whatever was going on between them, she would analyze in the morning. It was well past her normal time to fall asleep. The regulated schedule in jail trained her body too much, and she needed to get over it if war was upon them. When she was a kid, she stayed up much later than this studying the stars with her brother.
    Ody hopped up with a childlike gasp. “Come with me.” She pulled at his arm before running out the door without him.

  5. Would love to attend DragonCon some day. It always looks like such fun!

    Chapter 9 – Under A Celtic Moon (WIP)

    Once night had fallen, Daegan and Ahnya left the hangar where his jet was stored and loaded everything they needed into the car. Ahnya had not spoken more than a few words since her mate lashed out earlier. But then again, Daegan hadn’t spoken much either. He held the door for her until she was settled in her seat before making his way to the driver’s side. Ahnya saw him take a deep breath before he carefully opened the door, slid into the leather interior, and closed them in. The silence was deafening. He sat there for a long moment just staring out the windshield.

    “Daegan?” Ahnya queried.

    He shook his head and started the car, the low purr from the luxury car seemed to relax him a bit. “‘Tis nothing. Let’s go.” Putting the transmission in drive, he pulled out from the airport and headed into the night. Several times en route, she watched him have to forcefully loosen his grip on the wheel to keep from putting permanent indentations in the leather covered circle.

  6. If I didn’t live in Auckland New Zealand I would be dogging your footsteps all day. Hopefully it won’t exhaust you. That is an awesome lot of authors you will be with at times. Have fun.

    Chapter three
    Noisy alarms?

    The noise started at the front of the house and slowly came towards my room. Aunty Julia yelled, “Shut up, Whitey or you’re destined for the pot.”
    The sound came closer. The window in the next room got hauled up and something was tossed out. A great rustle of feathers and an indignant squawk followed. The noise then started outside my window. It was a double hung window so I tossed it up to see what was causing all that noise. I forgot to put the bit of wood in that Aunt Julia had told me about so ended up squawking myself when it came back down on the back of my head. When I stopped seeing stars I saw the biggest white rooster I had ever seen.

    “You will be nice in a pot, or a roast, or in a barbeque. I’ll help them catch you if you wake me up every morning like that.” I got ignored as the rooster went on to do his noisy duty outside all the windows in the house to make sure everyone was up. Everyone gave up trying to sleep and rose for breakfast. Weetbix was our choice and we could put cream on that as last night’s milk jar in the fridge was a third full of cream. It was way more cream than you’d get in the silver topped bottled milk in town. Uncle Ron had eggs, bacon and a tomato fried for his and Aunt Julia had a small pot of porridge. The sun was shining outside which had us racing to get dressed so we could be go outside. Aunt Julia pulled us up short.

  7. Hannah H.

    Okay…the all important first chapter beginning. I keep tweaking it, but this is what I have at the moment….ack….>__>

    Beast – Chapter One:

    “Almost home,” I muttered, pattung the lump in my bag. Being out so late made me horribly nervous, but this time the risk had been worth it. A nearby studio was closing it’s doors. I had been able to score a few small lumps of different clays I’d never with before for a real bargain. My original goal had been the bundle of new, second hand tools I’d spotted when I’d walked past this morning on my way to work. Now they rattled in my bag as I hurried along. I was eager to get home and try out my loot. Eager enough that I wasn’t really paying attention to where I was going. After several wrong turns in the growing darkness, I forced myself to pay closer attention. New York wasn’t the best place to wander late at night if you didn’t have your wits about you.
    “Ah, this way,” I mumbled, catching sight of a familiar street sign. I could circle the block, or cut through the alley. The alley wasn’t my usual route, but it was getting dark and I just wanted to get home. Ignoring the rowdy bunch of drunks stumbling out of the bar next door, I hitched my purse higher on my shoulder and plunged into the alley. I was only a few steps in when the scuff of a heel on concrete alerted me to the fact I wasn’t alone. I walked faster.

    • This is a great start, Hannah. You set the tone, time of day, who the main character is, a little about her, why she’s there, and then the tension of not being in the right place at the right time. Well done!

  8. I wish I could go to the Con! Some day…

    I’m on call this weekend, so I’m hoping most everyone is out chasing the eclipse and not ending up in the hospital!

    Here’s Ch.5 of Blood Ties WIP

    “Blaedrykn,” I whispered from the rooftop terrace. I didn’t want to call on the conniving daemon, but in order to get the intel I needed, I had no choice. Within seconds, my blood ran cold and a chill went down my spine, making the sheen of summer dissipate off my skin. Even the crickets fell silent.

    “You called?” drawled a voice from behind me.

    Slowly, I turned. Blaed sat sprawled out on the sofa, his feet spread out in front of him, and his arms along the top. He wore his usual black jeans and crisp white button-down, though this time his shirt was pristine and without a splatter of crimson. The setting sun reflected off his jet-black hair, creating a fiery halo around him. He was the picture of an aloof model, already bored.

  9. Best of luck to you and have oodles of fun!

  10. Have a great time! My aunt went to Nashville to chase the eclipse. Wish you much luck seeing it.
    Thank you for all the wonderful books you have written.

  11. Jennifer Vanderkamp

    Ch 10 Adara
    Out of the corner of my eye, I swear the walls are closing in on me.
    I can’t stay here.
    I can’t be locked up again.
    I bang on the door harder even though I know in the back of my mind that my puny, helpless body can’t break through stone and timber. The impact against the thick wood sends vibrations up my arms. But the pain doesn’t register, despite the bloody abrasions blooming over my knuckles and palms.
    The throb in my hands races against the beat of my heart, which surges into the danger zone. It echos in my ears, disorienting me more. Panic drives me on. Ragged breaths fill the spaces between my screams.

  12. Amber

    I’m going to make it there, one day!

    Here’s a new chapter:

    An agonizing pain threw Jess’s eyes open. With a cry, she jerked back at the sight of Gideon standing over her. He pressed his hand onto her bandaged abdomen. A malice-filled smile filled contorted his face as blood spread on the white cotton.
    “Lucien!” Jess managed to get out. Black spots threatened to cover her vision as the pain consumed her.
    “Sh, sh. This is between you, and me, Love,” Gideon said. He covered her mouth with a hand and pressed her head back into the pillow.

  13. Tanya Chinn

    Enjoy see all the costumes everyone comes up with. I am hoping to go back to Dragon Con someday. I do enjoyed seeing everything there

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