Chapter three, first lines

Chapter three, first lines!

In SKINS, I’m up to chapter three, where I settle down after a bit of action, slowing to flesh out two of the main characters. Sam and Fenix have known each other for about five years, and they share a secret. It’s hard to have two straight men living together and not have everyone think they’re a couple, so I’m hopeful that I’ve managed to capture a feeling of shared danger or goal, something like I felt from the move, Gattaca, (Which I adore.)

“Are you even listening to me?”

Sam’s question pulled Fenix’s attention away from the red tie he was holding up to his shoulder in question, his focus deepening in the long dressing mirror to find Sam behind him. As was his habit Sam was sitting comfortably in the embroidered barrel chair set beside the window. A tiny cup of tea cooled beside him, the old koi pond and fallen tree neatly framed by the open window. The muggy heat rolling in was pleasant, but his frown wouldn’t go away. She was downstairs in the kitchen–he knew it.

So, share your first paragraph of chapter three and keep this summer writing train going.


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22 responses to “Chapter three, first lines

  1. Councilor Oni Zucka was standing across from Ambassador Marlo Vacheron. Oni’s bright red hair was in a long braid that went down her back, the end barely touching her lower back. She was tall, especially for a woman, and her body was toned.

  2. Juno Summers

    The color red was always my favorite. When I was a little girl, my father brought home a giant red teddy bear for my seventh birthday, and I had loved it ever since. Vibrant and bold, everything I wasn’t. Red was the color of the sky at sunset, of kisses and love… Of death and carnage, and hate and fire and blood.
    There was blood everywhere.

  3. Ch3
    Still twitchy about some damned thing but not feeling a need to flee, I heard a voice in my head ask, ‘Victoria Lee, what’s got you on edge?’ Damn my eidetic memory; I recognized the voice of my birth mom who hasn’t had anything useful to add since she named me and gave me up for adoption at five days old. Too bad Gordon’s luck isn’t strong enough to halt the drizzle still falling or the unwelcome voice in my head. Some nights a SUV isn’t large enough for two as he sits there smiling, feeling lucky to be out of the rain or planning dastardly deeds.

  4. Alicia Leatherdale

    I sipped the green tea from my mug, music pumped thru my earbuds, allowing for continued concentration by drowning out the sounds of Igor and Cam strumming out the same freaking song for the last hour. I set the cup back down, alongside my pen and rolled my head from side to side to work out the kinks hours of grading term papers always seemed to give me.

  5. The beginning of Chapter three is typed in italics for a dream/flashback/memory. 🙂

    Ody hurried inside her front door with enthusiasm dancing in her whole body. It was her birthday. She was four! Her brother played with her all morning getting her to chase him about. She couldn’t wait until she was old enough to catch him. Next year for sure, she told herself. When she heard her parents calling her name, she decided to leave him. He ran too far anyway.
    “Ody, I want to show you something.” Her mother’s voice echoed from the kitchen. She came out in the living room with a handful of weird things. A stick, a candle, string, some kind of piece of metal, some kind of shiny purple rock. She set them all out in front of her on the small table in front of their worn purple sofa, sat down, and gestured Ody over.

  6. Jennifer Vanderkamp

    Hellhounds are straight out of nightmares. Their eyes, the way they glow with fire so hot they burn with a single stare. Their piercing teeth, rancid breath, and rotten flesh made my stomach turn, but watching what he did to them… Let’s just say, I don’t want to be on Alastor’s bad side. Keeping my mouth in check will be more crucial than ever.

  7. Rose Inskeep

    Some days when I have a lot on my mind, a long drive down the interstate helps put things in perspective. So there I was, top off of my purple Jeep Wrangler, Moto sitting next to me with her ears flapping in the wind. Just cruising till I figured out where I was going.

    • Rose, this is a great paragraph to set the tone. I love tonal paragraphs, and you have a good knack for them, adding action as well as the feeling of introspection.

  8. Ahnya smiled as she rolled to her back, trying to catch her breath. Stretching as a languid feeling seeped into her very bones, she sighed in contentment. A masculine chuckle reached her ears.

  9. ndfessenden

    I gasped for air. The hot night air polluted the room. My head swam, my limbs felt disjointed from my body. I struggled against the sheet tangling my legs soaking with sweat. Kicking at the blankets it landed on the floor.
    What time is it? Moans and creaking filled the houses. Wisps of incense smoke dance among the heavy smoke fog that permeated the air. The streetlights have already been lit, men and woman laughed in drunken bliss.

  10. Derya Erisdottir

    »Wow, that cop was a full on asshole. Don’t they have to go through, like, sensitivity training or something? Maybe that’s where he learned to avoid it.«
    My best friend Deborah had already been working on this tirade for a while.

    • Derya, you made me smile! I can picture it so well, and even though I’m only seeing few paragraphs, I feel as if I know a little about their relationship, which is exactly what you want.

  11. Amber

    And again, it’s a nightmare!

    Jess walked up to the iron gate, it’s presence dark and forbidding. It tempted her to touch it, and she did. Reaching out with a gloved hand, she touched the patina, the cold seeping through the dark leather glove that shrouded her hand. Her touch became firmer as she pushed against the gate. It slowly opened, hinges protesting in the damp coldness. A flurry whirled up as a silent wind surrounded her, cutting through her coat like it wasn’t there.

    • I’m seeing a pattern, Amber! It’s that kind of writing that makes for interesting possibilities to manipulate the reader with not just the text, but the presentation of it. Good job.

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