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BplantI’ve decided that summer is my favorite time to write, with my office completely open and all the windows wide so the wind blows through and I need to use paperweights to keep everything down. It’s warmer, too, and anyone who writes knows how cold that gets. Look at the old photos of your beloved writers’ s offices, and ten to one, they have their back to a fireplace or live in a warm clime.

If I’m lucky, I’m working rough draft in the summer, giving me solid office time in the morning/afternoon before it gets too hot, and garden/plotting time in the afternoon/evening. Dialog one day, full text the next. It’s a pleasant way to spend the hot months, half dressed and sitting at a keyboard while my mind is in another dimension making mischief.

So far this summer, I’ve hammered out a novella I’m thrilled about, and am now starting my next full length UF called SKINS. And because I’m excited to share it with you, I’m going to give you the first line of every chapter as I write it.

Are you working this summer? Share with me your first 130 characters of each chapter as they happen. (But no more than 130 characters, please! This is not meant to be a way to get your novel out. It’s an exercise in first-lines, and if you respond here at the blog, I will read/comment on them!)

Here’s my chapter one:

“Joe? This isn’t a good idea. All these places got generators.”

Chapter two tomorrow!


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56 responses to “Share your first-line madness

  1. Moisture beaded on the cold stone walls of the cell, the soft plink of water drops as they hit the floor the only sound in the silence.

  2. Cale Heustin

    Ravens, wolves, and crows, these are the symbols of our office.
    The Wolves are our protectors, and our enforcers. The Crows are our messengers. The Ravens are our spies, and when needed, our assassins.
    (Just a random start that cane to me while at my day job, I write off and on)

  3. Lesley

    It was once believed that each person had a gift they were born with or a destiny they were working toward, but that was a long time ago.

  4. The woman screamed.
    Air thick with the coppery scent of fresh blood, chanting could be heard as candlelight flickered and danced all around.

  5. Amber

    She walked up the smooth road, the wind swirling snow around her legs as her footfalls made soft sounds on the stones. The wind bit in, digging into the exposed flesh on her face and hands, numbing it to everything but the bitter cold.

  6. Jennifer Vanderkamp

    I dig deep into my worn pocket, passed the locker key and box cutter, to my money and tug the slim wad out.

  7. Jen

    My life was irrevocably changed by a wedding invitation.

  8. Bobby was a tosser. At least, that’s what Priest called him, and Deacon, who was always wont to follow his partner’s lead, was agreeable to the term—although he was currently hooked on the phrase “douche canoe”, which he felt described the junior demon to a tee.

    (a bit more than the 130, sorry)

  9. Charlotte

    Although I never really considered myself to be anything more than normal, I’d never have thought people would look at me as inferior to them. Up until the age of thirteen I was under the impression I was just another normal teenager, but the ‘test’ well and truly turned my life upside down.

  10. Steve Richards

    “Jada, are you sure this is where you saw it”?
    “Yes Daddy I’m sure. Can we go now”? “Not yet”.

  11. “There is no one here to help us Pete. Pete, Pete?”
    I have missed you. I did not realize how much I loved your “voice.” You seem to be there for so many of us.

  12. The werewolf was making a racket in his chains. He was on his knees, twisting and jerking like a fish on a line.

    Can’t wait to read and find out more on SKINS! Good luck with your summer draft, Kim!

  13. ndfessenden

    The clatter of bell ringing spread through the air of Stone wall. It was Rivft the only temple with in the whole of our district.

  14. chellypike

    Lunatic. The moon’s silver-white light beamed through the dingy window of Quinn’s closet-sized room, shining across her cheek like a spotlight. She understood now how people sleeping under its weight were thought to go insane.

  15. Rachel glided through the dark hallway and nervously clutched the paper in her hands. Her stomach pitched at the thought of what she was about to say.

  16. Rose Inskeep

    It was a beautiful spring day, most of st.louis would be out enjoying the day. But not me. I was handcuffed to the worst wooden chair you could imagine.

  17. Perry Ward

    “It seems there was a bit of a mix up at the head office, ” Death explained while looking down at my tangled, broken body, “You weren’t supposed to be on my list for another ten years. Because the mix-up was our fault, there are some…fascinating options available, rather than just proceeding on into the next life, if you are interested.”

  18. Anne L

    Sorry I did words not characters and I don’t know how to delete it

  19. Anne L

    Every day I wake up and wonder, “is this going to be my last day?” It’s been that way since I was eleven and joined the witness protection program after my family was murdered. They have found me three times to date, each time I have managed to evade death, but I know that one day my luck will run out and that that morning will be my last. The FBI are relocating me to a rural village somewhere in the back of beyond this time. I think in the last ten years I have lived in just about every city there is. They must have finally given up on the thought that it’s easier to hide me among the masses. It will be different setting up my own practice in a village

  20. Martin

    I am in the kitchen, cleaning up after breakfast when Carri’s cell phone beeps. She recognizes the number. “Chaplain Brennan”, she answers it. I know immediately that a prison is calling.

  21. Run Chapter One

    ’“Fuck You!” I spew at the aging, caramel skinned man staring agape at me in incredulity. His deeply lined face slowly twists into distaste as the heart falling into my stomach makes an almost audible ‘thunk’ and once again the walls between “Shit! Did I just say that?” and “Whew, so glad my filters are holding” come tumbling down in a post apocalyptic wasteland Mad Max would be envious of.

  22. Kristen D Pekish

    I stood on the back porch gripping my favorite mug full of tea, and looking out across my yard into the woods beyond.

  23. Ch1 She knows she’s smarter than this. She knows it could end badly. She knows a voice in her head is screaming ‘drive on by’

  24. “The Field Master says you have a ship for hire. It is imperative I leave for London at once.”

  25. Judy Saul

    It really was a dark and stormy night. I know that’s such a tired and much used opening. However it’s true.

  26. I had to creatively edit for this to work the 130 limit, but here’s mine!:

    Soraya walked the gritty streets of Sandorne with one thing on her mind:
    If only I could fly, this would be so much easier.

  27. janetiller

    How in the HELL did a feral cat get in through the wall into our neighbor’s condo? She HATES us! What’s the plan?