The difference a week makes

It’s raining, but I don’t mind, because it makes it easier to sit at my desk a few more days and hammer the last few chapters of Joe and Sidney’s story out of rewrite so I can get back to Peri again.

I like rewrites. I always say I like whatever stage of the book I’m in the best, but rewrites are where the magic really happens for me: a road ignored–taken, a new thought out of the blue that shapes and enriches the rest of a person’s life the story. Yeah. That.

But it’s raining, and my garden has really begun to wake up. The bees are appreciating the early blooms, and giving them a head start will help insure that my cherry tree gets pollinated later this spring. The Crocus are giving me a good show, not yet trampled by wind. I’ve got lots of new ones popping up in unexpected places, because, like a squirrel, I forget that I plant them.

Most of these shots are from my front corner garden, wrapped by sidewalk on two sides, my yard on the third. It was nothing but Juniper, a few rocks, and bluebells when I moved in seven years ago? The first time I tackled it, it took two days to clean up. Now it takes about fifteen minutes. Boom, baby! That’s what I like. Landscape that takes care of itself.

The bluebells needed more light and were moved. The Junipers were drastically trimmed to look bonsai-ish. I added a few wheelbarrows of rock, and tidied it all up with moss and miniature plants. The crocus are new this year. And before you crab about the Christmas lights, they’re up all year on my corner garden, bringing a little fairy magic to it all. Soon as we get another nice day, I’ll put the mini-houses up. 🙂

Siberian Iris



Grandkitty came to visit again. Aleix still isn’t sure about it.

Also, the mass market for The Turn just popped up for pre-order. Not a bad price! But the Nook won’t drop to match it until the mass market actually comes out.




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11 responses to “The difference a week makes

  1. Cindy

    I keep hoping to get outside but we are just getting little teases of Spring. A bit of sunshine and then a downpour of rain. We had almost 24 hours without but right now the flood gates have opened again! I had so hoped to go out tomorrow but it looks like it will be another day inside. So glad I will have Rachel, Ivy, Nick (starting again with book one) Jenks and all to keep me company….

  2. Vampyre

    Today was a great day for two reasons. One, it was of course Easter Sunday, two, it was my last day of work…ever. The company I work for realized that no matter how hard I tried, I am physically unable to do it. They are giving me short term disability until I can get it from Social Security. I am happy and relieved about it. I thought they were just going to fire me.

  3. Marika

    “Bloodroot?” – rather Hepatica

  4. Sarah

    Just reread the hollows. Again. I’ve been on your trail since the beginning. Really enjoying the Peri Reed a chronicles, too. Thank you for writing such rich stories with fab characters.

  5. Vampyre

    Is Grandkitty thinking, “MMmm, dinner!” ?

    When you made the squirrel remark, I got an image of one dressed in black wearing red wig. I need more sleep.

  6. What Beautiful Pictures! I no longer have a garden, however I so enjoy ohers’ and rejoice in the beauty they share. Many thanks, Tasha

  7. Nicole

    I really like what you accomplished in your garden, it looks great!
    But I seem to have a memory gap, in what story are Joe and Sydney appearing in?
    And did I read this right, we get a further Peri book? That is great!!!
    Thanks and take care,

    • Gerry

      Kim’s always said the Peri story was a trilogy, although at one point I was afraid the publishers might drop it, but the Joe and Sydney reference has me puzzled too. Is this something new, Kim, or should we know what you’re referencing?

    • Nicole

      Thanks Gerry for reminding me, totally forgotten about the triology part. But then again, for a while, same as you did, I had a feeling the publisher nearly wouldn’t publish the second book… luckily they did 🙂

  8. Candace

    Gosh what a gorgeous garden! I wish I had a green thumb…instead of two very black ones!

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