Garden Tour! Green stuff coming!

You can’t stop the earth rolling through its gravity track, and the longer days have finally made themselves felt. My bulbs and early buds made it through the last few inches of sudden snow, and though we might get a few below-freezing nights, the stuff that’s up in my yard can take it. This weekend, I’m going to plant the pansies that I bought two weeks ago and brought into my office when snow threatened. Pansies can overwinter with a little protection, but I was not about to plant them with inches expected.

Now, though, the ground is soft again, and the buds on my Cornelian Cherry (which is actually in the Dogwood family) are ready to open. It is one of the first bloomers, and I put it in my yard for the early bees, starving when they wake up. The Mason bees, especially, appreciate them, and I’ve grown my volunteer colony from one or two bees up to many over the last five years. The red fruits are etible, but I usually leave them for the birds.

The Hellebore is a fairly new plant for me, but it thrives in shade with a bare hour of sun now and again, and it will sometimes flower late fall, holding the lion share of buds to open in the spring. They have got a lot of new varieties now, and I adore this as a replacement for Hosta as it looks good even in the spring. The one pictured here has only been in the ground for two years, and it has been flowering since February.

My crocus have been in the ground for almost six years, but I add a handful of to my established beds every fall. The yellow come up first. Always. This is where that ungodly expensive spice, Saffron, comes from.


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14 responses to “Garden Tour! Green stuff coming!

  1. Annie R

    My crocuses started showing the middle of last week and my hellebores are just beginning to show flowers (I’m in mid-Michigan). The one thing that I remember about hellebores, from when I first researched them, is that they don’t like to be moved once they are established. Otherwise, they seem to do well without any help from humans!

  2. Vampyre

    Today was a happy day, I think. This morning for the first time in about 8 months I saw my missing cat, Fuzzy. I thought she was dead. I guess she got tired of dealing with my 2 newer kittens that are brothers. They were trying to run her off this morning. I’ll be locking them up tonight when I get home. I miss my Fuzzy cat.

  3. Gerry

    Over here in England our Hellebores that live near the front door are looking great. There’s a purple plant and a white one that welcome us back whenever we return. There ar lots of yellow primulas nearby as well that have been out for some time now.

  4. Cindy

    Hurray to the garden! Let the pixies in!

  5. Gryphon Meidh

    Those are some beautiful plants. Have you ever made jam with the fruit of the Cornelian Cherry? Do you know which species of Hellebore you’re growing? Does the saffron from your Crocus taste similar To Spanish saffron?
    I live in zone 10 in Florida, which is simply too hot and humid for practically everything I’ve ever attempted or wanted to grow, except orchids.

    • Thanks, Meidh. I’ve never made jam, no. I just leave them for the birds, and I’ve never harvested my crocus for saffron! Maybe I should. I’ve got a lot this year.

  6. Barb

    I commend you for helping the land, birds, bees. Evening out the pollution to send refreshed oxygen into the air. Lovely to see your efforts are being rewarded and appreciated by all.

  7. Martin

    Happy Equinox. 🙂 Welcome to Spring!!

  8. elise waxler

    Looks beautiful! My helleboro looks awesome too. I am looking forward to gardening this year as I haven’t done anything in the last 2 years due to cancer…! I have my seeds, and my pots ready! I just measured my beds and sketched out what is going where. I also found a great heirloom seed catalog called Bakers Creek and I ordered some veggies, herbs and flowers. Of course I’m going to plant the angel seeds in a patio planter… I’m the one that won the big poster in Cinti at Joseph Beth. Happy Spring!

  9. Didn’t know that about Saffron; Interesting. I’m about to be a new owner to 4 chicks and 2 ducks. Least there’s a decent pond on my property for the new additions to enjoy. Spring bringing big changes all around it seems, but it’s those little tiny flowers that catch the eye first.

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