Bluebirds remind me of my Grandpa

If you’ve been lurking on my blog for any length of time, you know that I live right in the city, but being small, my “city” is kind of rural, as in the middle of cornfields, lakes, and woods.  I can walk to a handful of restaurants and shops, but there are deer jumping my fence to eat my Hosta, and we’ve caught them more than once resting in the middle of the road to soak up the heat. With Ann Arbor and the university culture only fifteen minutes down the road, there are a lot of artists and retired teachers around, and our farmers market has everything from maple syrup tapped just down the road, to artisan goat, sheep, and cow cheese made within spitting distance.

To say I love living here between forest frog ponds and higher learning is an understatement. I’m doubly lucky in that not only did I have the good fortune to grow up here with the belief that this kind of mental diversity and artistic talents overflowing into cottage industry is normal, but I left it for over a decade so that I recognized that it is not. At least, not everywhere.

But I was supposed to be talking of my grandpa and bluebirds. I saw my first bluebird on a walk with my grandpa, who lived at the end of a winding dirt road between a shallow lake and a twisted woods, and so when they show up at my city feeder, I’m always reminded of him.

This week, the sudden four inches pushed them from the thickets a block over and into the city looking for the feeders and some open water. I probably won’t see the bluebirds again after the snow melts. Still, it was nice to see them just this short time, to know they are still around.


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4 responses to “Bluebirds remind me of my Grandpa

  1. T.K. Eldridge

    My Dad had a collection of bird feeders – and he loved the Cardinals. Even collected art (Paintings, statues, etc) of cardinals – so when I see them out here on my feeder, it’s like his spirit is coming to visit. It’s the chickadees, though, that are from my childhood. My great-grandma taught me how to call them down to a little bit of seed in my hand – calling “Chick-a-dee-dee-dee” and they’d swoop down and perch on my curled in thumb and peck at the seeds. How else would you get a five year old to stand still? I must have spent hours out there, calling the birds and feeding them, being enthralled by the magic of it all!

  2. Martin

    Hummingbirds remind me of my mother and grandmother. They both kept feeders, and had droves of hummingbirds in the summer. They would always dart around, and pester us when the feeders got low.

  3. Vampyre

    Cardinals are Ohio’s state bird and they winter here. When ever I see them. I am reminded of my origins.

  4. I love those little blue birds when they’re puffed up. They always look so angry. Makes me giggle a little.

    It’s funny the things that remind us of our grandparents. I still tear up a little when I see a cardinal. Reminds me of my grandmother who passed away just last year. But then, I smile and remember…

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