Lots of people got some, did you?

Snow has its place, and apparently, it’s in my yard right now. We are covered in the white stuff, putting us back into deep winter after we not only lost our snow, but the ground had thawed enough to have earthworms on the surface, looking for a hot date.

But it was too soon, anyway, so I don’t lament loosing an early spring as much as you might think. I will admit I’m anxious to get in the yard and rebuild my summer muscles, and believe me, there is a difference. To help compensate, I’ve been doing some prep exercises to rebuild my core so it doesn’t hurt so much when I finally do get into the yard.

I’ve had an absolutely gorgeous male robin lurking about the property. Yesterday, he came in to take the bluebird nuggets from my regular feeder, and now, desperate for water, he’s been coming in even closer to take advantage of the open water in my koi pond. If you want birds in the winter, put out water!

As for me,  I’ve been lazing about in front of the fire with my dogs, busy making a dragon to auction off at Dragon Con this summer in Atlanta. Wings are done, and I’m starting the feet. If you look close, you’ll see I’ve got two sets of wings in the background, one gold, the other a dark blue. The way I figure it, if you’re going to make a dragon, make two. One to give, one to save.

If you want to make a dragon of your own, the instructions are here. And please be kind. It is my own pattern. Kim Harrison’s Dragon



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9 responses to “Lots of people got some, did you?

  1. Sam

    Hello there,
    Been inquiring everywhere regarding using your pattern for resale. I’m a knitter for hire and have been asked to make your dragon. (Not mass production but just a couple) Is this acceptable to you? Just because the pattern is free doesn’t mean it’s ok to use for resale. 😉 Please advise. It’s a gorgeous pattern. Thanks!

  2. Jennifer B

    Oh my when I saw the snow photo I had to check the date on the post. We’re having a heat wave in Phoenix it was 93 today. I wanted to jump in the cold snow in the photo to cool down LOL.
    You definitely have it right to make a dragon to keep. I’ve been crocheting afghans recently and decided to keep the last few. There’s rarely a chance to use them but I like them anyway. I used to make a lot of amigurumi but I gave it all away and sometimes wish I had kept some. Take care and stay warm.

  3. No Snow but we are in Atlanta. It has dropped down to a chilly 40 degrees which is FREEZING for me! Cool you are coming to Dragon con. Hope you are planning to have a lecture. I will be there too so I will look for you. I really enjoyed going to see Jim Butcher talk last year! Gale

  4. Vampyre

    I’ll have to look into Dragon Con. It not too far from me and I’d love to see you again. I doubt I could afford your dragon in an auction but I’d love to get a picture of it.

  5. Ed Carson

    Just rain and wind here in Cape May, NJ. Love the dragons. Please keep the directions on your page because when I retire next year I am going to have the ladies from the knitting club at the library show this guy how to make one. 🙂

  6. I know of several people who are going to Dragoncon. Btw, I now know the fellow who personally led the parade in his armored dragon costume last year. Brilliant man who is all about reptiles (Jurassic park style!). Anyhow, I don’t know how expensive this Con’s auctions get, but I might be able to talk one of my friends going to take some of my money to get your dragon.
    One of these days, maybe you’ll make one in my favorite colors of silver and green. Here’s to wishing hard!

  7. Here in MA we’re waiting for Stella to hit us. I really, REALLY hate blizzards! I’m definitely looking up your dragon though Kim. It would make a fun distraction!💁🏻

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