Saw the sun come up this morning

“It’s cold,” I said this morning as I came in from walking the dogs, my lips pulled tight to my teeth, breath short, unable to feel the warmth of the house in the bubble of 7:00 am air I brought in with me. It won’t last but for a day or two more. Is it fleeting last caress of winter, or a desperate clinging to the past, a refusal to change? I find it doesn’t matter. It will be gone soon, either way.

But my office is warm, and there is pleasure in watching the sun come up, a satisfaction in setting the promotional mind aside and turing all thoughts to creation, the jiggling of ideas like marbles in my hand, picking out the ones that catch my fancy. A red one with the golden eye of passion, flashes between the multitudes of slate grays, each with chips and dings, scratches of loss. Solid gold spheres of epiphany stand out among the steadfast greens, clatterings of perseverance and goal–motivation.

I roll them in my hand, each one chattering against the others like memories, sift them through my mind to create flow, and finally set them in stately rows upon my desk, stringing them together with words. But it takes time. Lots of time.

I think it’s going to be a good day.


The marbles pictured here were found while remodeling our old house, behind walls, under floors, but mostly outside in the garden, little nuggets of the past finding me while I had my head turned to the earth, fingers deep within it. I’ve kept them all, and they sit above my hearth as a connection to those who held this ground before me.




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12 responses to “Saw the sun come up this morning

  1. Very evocative words. Love the glow of the marbles in the metal holder. Beauty in your surroundings where you write must help with the creative part of writing.

  2. Vampyre

    My dogs live in a nice sized back yard. In the past, I’ve tried to walk them. I can only take one at a time which upsets the one left behind.
    Both dogs weigh in at about 50lbs. These days, that causes too much stress on my back.

    On the other hand, I also have 2 cats. One has learned how to get into the “attic”. While I was watching TV one night, I kept hearing thumping noises up there. I had no idea whatvit was until
    I was doing laundry one day and caught him coming down.😀

  3. see now the marbles make me want to hiss, and i think of gatekeepers and not the good kind 😛

  4. Nice description, very evocative. Thanks! It’s cold here too however I have no dogs to take me out in it so thanks for the virtual experience

  5. wiggiemomsi

    Oh, the pictures you draw in my mind with your words! You are, truly, a wordsmith of the highest caliber, and I feel like a kid in a candy store when reading your stories. Thank you!

  6. you know….lost my marbles years ago. Now i know where they went 😉 hee

  7. I love that you kept the marbles. My mind goes to kids playing marbles… giggles and skinned knees and toes worn out on shoes as they kneel to flick the marbles in the circle trying to knock the others out. Thank you for that picture of my Grandmother’s childhood in my head. I needed that this morning.

  8. Brenda Mossbarger

    Thank you for sharing your morning reflections. Will you be going into Nicola’s any time soon?

  9. See, it’s that sort of insightfulness that draws your readers in. Makes them look for more…

    We had snow fall last night, most likely for the last time this winter season; Unexpected and pretty. But I am really ready for the warmth of spring to arrive.

    Off topic: Several Star Wars actors/creators will be in Lexington next weekend for a massive comicon. The original Boba Fett will be there. Seems to be a concentration of bounty hunters. Also, Michael Rooker(Yondu) and Sean Gunn(First Mate Kraglin) From the Guardians of the Galaxy too. .Just an FYI as I know you love sci-fii stuff too.

  10. Jim Rogers

    What are those marbles resting in? Looks interesting.

    • I’ve no idea. We bought it at an antique shop about six years ago. There’s a handle hook on the back, and sort of a spout on the front, so maybe an oil burner?

    • Gerry

      Looks a bit creepy to me — like something from a mashup of Alien and Game of Thrones

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