Get your T4-Angel seeds here!

Itomatofreebie2017‘ve got some good news if you wanted one of the promotional packets of T4-Angel seeds and were not able to attend a signing. Tim and I have a few hundred left, so if you want one of these bad boys, (they are really beefsteak tomato seeds) send me a SASE. (an envelope with your address and stamps on it so all we have to do is drop the packet in and mail it to you.)

If you’ve never send me a SASE, the instructions and address are at the website here: SASE instructions.

Unfortunately because these are real seeds, we can not ship overseas.

Also, if you heard about the missing chapter seven from THE TURN that features Ceri and Al and fits in between chapter six and seven of the published text, it is now available here: Original Chapter Seven.


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13 responses to “Get your T4-Angel seeds here!

  1. Linus

    Loved this book Kim, I’ve now gone back and re-read the whole Hollows series and I’ve fallen in love with Trent! Really looking forward to more Turn books but would give anything to see Rachel and Trent again…..Maybe when you are done with the Turn stories?

  2. Billy

    Finished it late last night absolutely brilliant absorbing read, please say there will be more, about what happens next…….. up till Rachel is a bounty hunter.

  3. When you say not shipping overseas does that include Canada?

  4. Billy

    Just about to start chapter 12 so the missing one fitted in just nicely, in chapter 6 the line about NASA not doing anything for anybody, was that a nod to Monty Python’s Life of Brian (what have the Romans ever…) made me chuckle anyway. The book is so good.

  5. Stacy Stollings

    Absolutely loved the book! It was like visiting old friends. =)
    Still kind of wondering what happened to Daniel tho…unless my brain took a nap and I missed him in the Rachel books…which is possible I guess…lol.

  6. silvermitt

    Thanks for the “missing” chapter post!

  7. Edward Carson

    Signed copy got in the other day. Could not put it down. Glad you liked our display at the CMC LIbrary (its good to be branch head). SASE in tomorrows mail!

  8. Jen

    ME TOO! I just started reading The Turn (couldn’t read the spoiler chapters beforehand, it was just too much teasing!), & I’m loving getting yo know Trent’s parents… (Quen, who knew? Uffda!)

  9. Kelly

    AHHHHH!!! BEEN WAITING FOR THIS!!! SASE is on its way!!!!!

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