Joseph-Beth in Cincinnati


Joseph-Beth in Cincinnati has been one of my favorite bookstores for a long time. There’s always a big crowd coming out from Cincinnati and the Hollows, er, Covington across the Ohio River, and that night was no exception. We had great questions, some happy giveaways, and lots and lots of signing.


And did I mention some of you wore your Hollows Turn T-shirts? Crap on toast, there were a lot of Hollows roadies! We had to move our traditional family photo to the stairway!
Next Hollows book, I’m making tie-die T’s.

One of my favorite groups to come through the line. She got the men in her life hooked on the Hollows!


The winner of the one-of-five poster!


And after you leave, I sign the stock. Here I am with the ladies who kept the line moving and the caffeine in my cup, Annette and Kelly. Thanks, ladies! It was a great night.

For the rest of the boatload of pictures that were taken that night, click here. (If the page is empty, try again later. My service provider is not being  johnny-on-the-spot about updating my pages when I’m done with updating them.)


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8 responses to “Joseph-Beth in Cincinnati

  1. Peggy Morgan

    I just finished your last book “The Turn” and I loved it. When are you coming out with the next one?

  2. My husband & I were there for the Witch With Mo Name your. We drove from Covington TN (about 40 miles north of Memphis TN). I had blue butterflies painted on my nails. We had such a great time we had planned to attend The Turn event. But also things including health interrupt us and we were unable to attend. Not our health but me sister-in-laws. We took care of their two doggies so her husband could concentrate on her. Sorry we missed it. But looking at the picture it looks like we missed loads of fun.

  3. Vampyre

    It’s times like this that I wish I still lived in Ohio. Oh well, on the bright side, the winter weather is way better down here.

    The tour looks like it’s going well. I’m happy for you. What’s on the menu for next year?

  4. Sure would like to see you in So. CA. Ever been to Palm Springs??? 😉

  5. Kids and I had a great time ourselves. 🙂 Dorian (son) is crazy into Star Wars with me, but didn’t think you’d want to talk shop with him on that subject. I reminded him later that you wrote fantasy fiction, and you probably would have had something to say regarding the movies. Eh, kids, you know how they can be!

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