B and N in Sacramento, CA

I’d only been to Sacramento once before, so I wasn’t sure there would be many readers to spend my evening with, but WOW, you guys came out. So many familiar faces from some of my usual spots that I wasn’t able to get to this year. And at the end of a sunny day, too. Flying in, I could see all the water damage from your rains, and I hope you have a couple of dry days after I leave. Here I am with my B&N roadies. As always, if you want a high-res copy for yourself, just click to go to the larger picture.

We had one of those textured posters to give away, too.

Tim caught me signing this one.

And the very last reader, who stumbled into the signing, coming into the store to pick up a copy and finding to her surprise that I was here to sign it!


Tonight I’ll be in Cincinnati, and I can’t wait. It always feels like coming home.

To see the rest of the photos Tim took at B&N, look here.


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5 responses to “B and N in Sacramento, CA

  1. Hi Kim I love your books but will it be a book about Rachel and Trent get married and Rachel get pregnant from Trent? Keep it up and I pray that God keep blessing you and your family…

  2. Kim, I read an ARC of The Turn and really enjoyed it! Are you going to write another in this prequel series? I feel like I have I miss Rachel tattooed on my arm and was hoping at some point she’d show up, lol.

  3. For the first time with you, I got my e-copy of The Turn yesterday.  I know it’s gonna be great!  You have your own shelf in my “library,” a LONG one, but an e-copy can be read in bed on my Kindle.  HA Best of luck on your new publication. JgtimmJudith G. Timm

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