Powell’s Books, Beaverton

Powell’s, Portland OR

Powelll’s in Portland, more specifically, the Beaverton store, is one of my favorite stores to sign in because the readers are always enthusiastic and have great questions for me. It was here that I first tried that facebook live feature so I could give readers who couldn’t make it to an event the chance to listen in to the Q and A, and it seemed to go really well. I may do it again. You can find it on my facebook page, but you’ll have to scroll to find it. Kim’s facebook


But here I am with my Portland roadies! As you can see, we’ve got shirts from quite a few past tours! Thanks, guys. It’s because of you that it all works. And as always, click the photo to go to the higher resolution shot if you want to keep it for yourself.

p14couldnt-make-itOz couldn’t make it to a signing this year, and from her letter, I know she was very disappointed, having prepped and prepared for it with a lot of anticipation. It’s okay, Oz. Demons are there to be battled, and if you make them yours and claim them, you can turn them into soft teddy bears like Al. 🙂

We are giving away at several stops a textured print of what was on the T. There are only five of these, suitable for framing! I signed this one, too.

Two generations of readers here. This makes all the travel worth while 🙂

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