Getting close to last call on the shirts

the-turn-backWe aren’t there yet, but because Tim and I are’t actually doing the T’s out of our living room anymore, I want to warn anyone who is thinking of getting a shirt for a signing or just to wear on release day that we’re getting close to the cut off.

If you’re not familiar with the T’s, Tim and I have been doing them since Outlaw Demon Wails, and wearing one will get you into the “family photo” that we take at ever stop. This year, it features Trisk holding her T-4 Angel tomato, rotting in her hand. The shirt itself is a soft cotton, and Bedo has been getting compliments from people who have already purchased theirs. (They love this, by the way.)




The link here will take you to their site to order. Bedo

Cities I will be visiting this year are:

2/6 – Nicola’s Books, Ann Arbor, MI – 7:00 pm
2/ 7 – University Bookstore, Seattle, WA – 7:00 pm
2/ 8 – Powell’s, Portland, OR – 6:00 pm
2/ 9 – Mysterious Galaxy, San Diego, CA – 7:00 pm
2/10 – Barnes & Noble, Sacramento, CA – 7:00 pm
2/11 – Joseph-Beth, Cincinnati, OH – 7:00 pm

Venues and more information

Can’t make it and want a signed book? Nicola’s is your answer.



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10 responses to “Getting close to last call on the shirts

  1. jaymarie1980

    Who do I talk to if I havent gotten a shipping notice for my t-shirt? Havent gotten any notice of any kind and I bought mine on January 16th.


  2. silvermitt

    Whoops, my last comment was a error.

  3. I totally fangirled out as soon as I read this post! Bought the shirt and can’t wait to see you in sac! Hope it gets here in time! So excited!!!!

  4. Billy

    Finished the Operator really good kept me turning pages like a Demon 🙂
    Also just read chapter 3 of the Turn great story it looks to be a very interesting back story. Three weeks till I can hold my very own copy as it’s pre ordered, Amazon has finally seen sense and are making the USA edition available in the UK.

  5. silvermitt

    Got my shirt yesterday after this posted. Looking forward to Cincinnati! I still need to get those Peri items. Will a SASE still get them?

  6. Gerry

    I wasn’t quite so happy about the T-shirts — I ordered two since my wife and I were both interested. The post and packing cost to the UK seemed rather high compared to other US T-shirt suppliers but in the circumstances we decided to go ahead.

    Unfortunately what we hadn’t allowed for was that
    a) Beko hadn’t covered the UK Customs and Excise situation and the fact that two T-shirts were valued at enough to trigger VAT payment, so that
    b) that payment plus an extra mandatory handling charge of £8 from our mail delivery office for the privilege of accepting our money was required of us!

    Don’t cha just lurve international commerce!

    • Gerry

      Oops, that should have been Bedo!

      As I understand it UK Customs and Excise will levy VAT (usually 20% nowadays) on anything VAT rated over the value of £15 ($18.68 at the exchange rate at the time of writing this) for a commercial transaction — so a single Turn T would have made it under the wire. Despatched separately the two T-shirts would have attracted no VAT, and neither do books, which are zero rated unless they are ebooks which attract the full 20% VAT (I know, stupid or what?!)

      VAT rated gifts over the value of £30 are subject to VAT

      Are US State taxes as moronic?

  7. Vampyre

    I am so going to miss you this year. I hope you have a fun, safe, amazing tour. I am also happy you posted about the shirt. I don’t want to miss it too.

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