Chapter one – The Turn

tthccoverPlease share! I’m terribly excited about this coming out –Kim

Trisk ran a hand down her Jackie Kennedy dress, not liking how it hampered her motions even if it showed off her curves. Grades and accomplishments were her primary weapons in the battle to attract an employer, but appearance came in a close second. Her long dark hair was pulled back into a clip, and an unusual whisper of makeup highlighted her angular cheekbones and narrow chin in the hopes of finding a businesslike mien. She was dressed better than most on the noisy presentation floor. Not that it matters, she thought sourly.
Anxiety pinched her eyes as she sat attentively at her booth, surrounded by the accomplishments of her past eight years. They suddenly seemed dull and vapid as she smiled at an older couple while they passed, their clipboards in hand as they shopped. “How are we for security?” one asked, and Trisk’s face warmed when the other ran his eyes over her, making her feel like a horse up for auction.
“We could use someone, but how good could she be? She’s in with the geneticists.”
“That’s because I am one,” Trisk said loudly, shoulders hunching when they gave her a surprised look and continued on.
Jaw clenched, she slumped in her chair, shifting it back and forth and frowning at the empty interview chair across from her.

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22 responses to “Chapter one – The Turn

  1. Nicholas. P. Badenhorst

    Dear Ms Kim
    I was astounded and literally over the moon to discover that you are continuing the Hollows series, albeit in prequel form. Now you will hopefully stop torturing your poor readers and tell us all about Trent and Rachel’s parents, hopefully some early romance thrown in, the horrible years of the ‘Turn’ etc. Can’s wait!
    As for ‘don’t let the blond hair fool you’ – nah. Having been married to a stunning woman (hair currently closely cropped, platinum, fringe just a hint of pink) for nearly 40 yrs now, there are only two possible things a guy can say when a lady changes her hair color or style, namely:

    1) It really suits you and brings out your face, and –
    2) It really suits you and brings out your face.
    Nuff said – let me quit while I’m ahead.

    Anyway Ms Kim, a very very hearty welcome back to the Hollows.

    Kind regards

    Nicholas B
    Port Elizabeth

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  3. Thank you so much, I read this in the back of the Operator. Addiction, violence, political and monetary machinations and memory loss disease.., poor Peri is dealing with the scourge of the world right now. She bears a heavy load.
    But in the Turn teaser chapter did I see a security agent that I have seen before????!!!! (I am afraid to use names) And…um… is this person’s employer the progenitor of the person who goes by the same name in the Hollows books? Must be. Or a distant relative or something. But here, have a little gift. I was unsure about the docked ears thing, so I took a chance. (hey, my sister-in-law has genuine pointed ears that she was born with that are just a bit more subtle than this. She just wears her hair down) Anyway, a thank you for dipping pen into this world again.

  4. Martin

    Really excited for this. Thank you for sharing. ❤

  5. Lindsayd78

    Thank You for posting, made my night. I knew this would be my first must read of the year, and now I’m smitten with Trisk! Can’t wait to read chapter 2 next week.


    Thank You for posting, knew this was going to be my first must read of year, but now I am smitten with Trisk! Looking forward to chapter 2 next week!

  7. I have 2 questions and I can’t find on the blog where it had it where you can just post them anymore. So here goes! 1) are they going to put the hollows shorts on any of the e-book cites as stand alone or are they always going to be just in the short books? 2) what is an MEP in the drafter? It isn’t very well explained in the books.


    • Hi Jadia.
      MEP is a Memory Eclipsed Paranoia, which is feelings of paranoia stemming from missing memories. It can be so severe that it causes suicide.
      I have no idea if the Hollows shorts will be added to any more ebooks. I’m going to guess no. Sorry.

  8. Helenna

    Hi Kim,
    Sorry if you say this somewhere further down in your blog, but I was wondering if there is a time table for the next Rachel, Ivy and Jenks book. I am currently re-reading the whole series, and am excited to know what happens! Also congratulations on finishing The Turn!

  9. Vampyre

    I am looking forward to The Turn but I’ll wait until I have it before I start reading it.

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  12. David Rheuark

    I am very looking forward to this book! Put another way, I miss Rachel, Ivy and Jinks! I do, they got to be old friends.

  13. Love it!!!! Can’t wait to read the rest! I’ve missed you and The Hollows!

  14. Thanks for this book Kim! I have missed the Hollows so much! Can’t wait to read it all.

  15. Hi Kim. I haven’t read the entire first chapter but like what I see. I’ve been away from WordPress for awhile and missed a lot of what you’ve posted. I also wandered away from you Hollows series when I started getting some of them on an e-reader. Going to have to repurchase those books in paperback because I really prefer to be able to hold a whole book in my hands and if I feel I’ve missed something in reading, it is easier to go back and check. I am now part of an online writer’s community and will let them know about your blog and book.
    Stephen Clark

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