One last chance to enter The Turn ARC contest

It’s book birthday Tuesday tomorrow, and to celebrate the release of THE OPERATOR, I’m going to give you one more chance to get in on winning an ARC for THE TURN. (Which will be coming out Feb 7.)


My pumpkin harvest is in, and you’ve already seen at least six of them turned into little Halloween pumpkins, so make a guess as to how many I grew in total to get in on the drawing to give away my Turn ARCS. I should know how many I’m going to get soon. I just finished the page proofs, so they are probably at the printer right now.


Send your guess to Tim by Tuesday noon,  EST <> with the word “The Operator” in the subject line, and if you guess right, you’ll be in the running for the drawing. Tim won’t be opening them, so put your answer in the subject line, like this:

The Operator 42

I know it seems as if I’ve been dragging this out forever, but I wanted to make sure everyone had multiple times to enter. If you subscribe to the newsletter, you’ll have another chance tomorrow. Oh, and the answer, unlike the universe and everything, isn’t 42.

Because The Operator is officially a mass market, I won’t be getting out to sign but for one place this year. You can find me at Nicola’s in Ann Arbor for Shop Small Saturday, 11/26, 1:00 pm. more info However . . . I whined really pretty, and my publisher agreed to bind up some into hardcover for the library trade. You can get them through normal channels, or  you can get a signed one through Nicola’s. I’ve been in twice now to sign so as to get you early birds your copy by the drop date, but if you order now, I’ll catch them when I’m there on the 26th. Bind ups are how we got the first four Hollows books in hardcover, and much like A Fistful of Charms, there will be only a limited number of these, so if you want one, don’t wait too long.

Order signed/personalized from Nicola’s

If you missed it, I did a live chat with Thorne and Cross last Thursday where we talked about everything from Ray Bradbury, to writing tips, to the discrepancy between how my characters and I dress. It is a long podcast, but we’re laughing all the way through it, and it might help take the place of a signing if you’re used to seeing me every year and having a chance to chat. Better even, because I’m in my slippers at the time. It has been archived here:

I’ll be taking it easy tomorrow, working on Peri number three, The Agent. If I work through the holidays, I should have it done by the time I go out for The Turn. more info on that


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4 responses to “One last chance to enter The Turn ARC contest

  1. Martin

    I have posted my review to Goodreads and Amazon. I had to wait until 3 AM today to post on Amazon; they don’t allow reviews prior to the release date. Maybe the publisher could talk to them about that?? Anyway, excellent story. Loved it. ❤

  2. Just to let you know, I reviewed The Operator and posted it first on Sunday. I ran int yesterday and revised it slightly and did a quick edit because today is the release day, and it is posted now:

    I posted the review to Goodreads and will post to Amazon tomorrow (they wouldn’t allow me to post a review on Amazon until it is officially release. I’ve distributed it via Twitter, Facebook and Stumble.

    I really loved it. The characters really came alive in this book. I hope it does well because I really want to read the next part of the Peri Reed story. I’ve given this as much of a push as one blogger can. I wish this were a higher traffic period. The election seems to have taken the heart out of a lot of my followers. Traffic is always slow around Thanksgiving, but it’s super slow this year. I’ll run the review again in December, for Christmas.

    I’d love to review The Turn, too, if there’s any chance of that.

    I will be getting the audible version of The Operator today, by the way, so I will review that, too.

    I am hoping Peri Reed “catches.” The books are really excellent. Even without any witches, vampires, or pixies 🙂

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