Want to win an ARC of The Turn?


Kim’s hand-pollinated, seed pumpkin

It’s not the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, but there is sincerity as far as the eye can see out in my pumpkin patch. We’re getting close to harvest, and that means I’ll be giving the ARCs of The Turn away. Until then, I’m going to let you keep making guesses as to how many pumpkins I’m going to harvest, giving you more chances to get in on the drawing for the ARCS.

Speaking of ARCs, you super-readers out there who got the three mass markets of The Drafter a few months ago? I think Gallery has sent out ARCS of The Operator to you. I’ve seen a few online at Facebook and twitter. Keep sending me pics. I love to see them. I was told they weren’t doing ARCs, but bound manuscripts. Gallery didn’t give me one, but from what I can tell, they look like bound galleys, not bound manuscripts. If you got one, and you’re in the businesses to know the difference, I’d appreciate your thoughts.

The real deal is available now for preorder. The Operator is coming out in all formats on one day, which I think is really cool. (mass market, audio, e-book, hard cover) It’s truly a mass market, but I whined, and my agent got them to make a small hard cover run for the library trade.

Mass market also means no tour, so the only place you will EVER get a signed or personalized hard cover for The Operator is through Nicola’s. Here’s the link. They ship everywhere, even overseas.

Once there, you can scroll down a little and get to the signed/personalized The Turn, as well. I love my local store. They are the only place I’m going to sign The Operator when it comes out, so if you’ll be in the Ann Arbor area on the 26th, come out to Nicola’s for Shop Small Saturday for my 1:00 event. There is no home game that Saturday, so driving around town will not be organized chaos. more info


But you’re reading this because I said contest for an ARC of The Turn.

You have until Thursday, (10/13), noon, EST to send Tim an email at <coldtoastwritingsllc@comcast.net> with the number of pumpkins you think I’m going to get out of my most-sincere pumpkin patch in the subject line along with the word CHARLIE BROWN. We won’t be opening them, so make sure your guess is in your subject line. i.e. Charlie Brown 42.   When I harvest, those who have guessed correctly will be in a drawing for however many Turn ARCs I have to give away. Out of the U.S? Not a problem.

Readers subscribed to my mailing list will have an additional chance tomorrow with a different word, so keep an eye on your email if you’re on the list.

Want to sign up? I don’t share your address with anyone. I hate that. Tim says those of you who are signed up need to Open it! We have a +30% open rate, and he wants to get it higher just on principle. (grin)

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6 responses to “Want to win an ARC of The Turn?

  1. Rabid Reader

    I think my ARC Is a bound manuscript, as most bound Galleys don’t have pictures and are not on as good quality paper. Loving the story btw.

  2. Martin

    My ARC of The Operator seems like a regular mass market paperback with only a couple minor differences. There is an extra page bound in the front congratulating me for being a “super fan”, and the back cover is blank. Inside is a stunning story, that I am about halfway through. Peri is amazingly skilled and courageous, and your villains are truly villainous. I am really enjoying it. THANK YOU.

  3. Vampyre

    “Want to win an ARC of The Turn?”
    yes please!

  4. Ruth

    thanks for whining and getting us the hardcovers of The Operator! Can’t wait to add my signed copy to my Kim Harrison shelf =)

  5. Beth

    I was lucky enough to win an ARC of Operator so I’m not gonna enter..
    But I WOULD like to know if The Turn will be hardcover or no?

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