Hollows–signed to you!

September personalization at Nicola’s brings us to WHITE WITCH, BLACK CURSE, BLACK MAGIC SANCTION, PALE DEMON, and A PERFECT BLOOD. I’ve signed the Truth books, the Princess books, and even the YA, Madison Avery series, and at the end of this personalization cycle, I probably won’t do this again for a very long time as its asking a lot of the people at Nicola’s who have to organize it. Those of you who ordered any of the earlier titles, you should have them by now. If not, shoot them an email. (And if you are late hearing about my personalization push this summer, I’m sure Nicola’s won’t mind adding some of the earlier titles we’ve featured to you pile.


Just click the images to go right to Nicola’s, and don’t forget to tell them when you order the books who you want them signed to. I’ve linked to the mass markets, but you can upgrade to the hard covers by a quick search.

Also, if you have not heard, Gallery was convinced to do a very small print run of hard covers for the upcoming THE OPERATOR  mass market release. Like the first four Hollows books, they are for the library trade, but they will be available for a time through normal channels. And, like the first four Hollows books, there is a pretty good chance that they will be hard to find in a year or so, much like those coveted FISTFUL OF CHARMS. Best part, the mass market and hard cover will be coming out simultaneously a few days before Thanksgiving.

Since THE OPERATOR is for all intents and purposes a mass market release, there will be no tour apart from an appearance at Nicola’s on November 26 for Shop Small Saturday, so if you want one signed, you have to order it.


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To find out more sooner as opposed to later and get in on extra chances to enter for an ARC of The Turn, subscribe to my mailing list. This is where it will show up first: Kim’s Newsletter

I know I said I would have another shot at entering the contest this week, but I’m crammed and Tim can’t get to the computer to shoot out a newsletter. Hang in there. We’ve got time.


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8 responses to “Hollows–signed to you!

  1. Vampyre


    Got my order in for The Operator HB. I’ll bring it with me on the next signing you do. I guess there will be one in ’17 sometime.

  2. Jennifer Wessling

    Hi There, ordered my copy. Can’t wait. 🙂



  3. Rocky

    I see The Operator is one this list but I won a copy from the event a few months back. I was curious if that’ll be signed or if I should order one.

    • You haven’t gotten your copy yet? I haven’t gotten my ARC copies either. I thought Gallery would have sent them out by now. it’s been a month since I did the page proofs. I haven’t signed them, so no, they won’t be. This is really sad. I shouldn’t have to remind them to make good on this.

    • Rocky Hager

      No. it was the email contest for a pre release. I figured they just weren’t sent yet

  4. Hi will you be doing a shirt for the new books as well I love my shirts wear them all the time😍

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