We’re having an ARC contest

It’s 80 degrees as I sit in at my desk and type this, windows open and paper almost limp from the humidity, but there is a shift in the wind, a feeling more than a tangible something I can point to.  Fall is coming, which means we’re closer to the release of THE OPERATOR (which I have some good news about) and THE TURN (which won’t be until early, early spring, but I have some good news there, too.)


I’m still doing the editorial rewrite for THE TURN, but I’m already thinking about how to give away some of the ARCs that I’m going to receive. I also have a very large pumpkin patch this year, and yes, the two do have something in common. To find out early–and have an additional chance to put your name in the running for an ARC of THE TURN–you have one more day to sign up for my newsletter, going out tomorrow P.M.

You don’t have to sign up to find out how to enter the ARC contest, I’ll tell you here as well next week, but signing up will give you an additional chance(s) to enter.

Kim’s Newsletter Signup

As for the good news about THE OPERATOR? I’ve been told there will be a small hardcover print run, mostly for the library trade, but available through normal channels for a time. This is very similar to what Harper did for the first four Hollows books, and you know how hard it is now to find a hc of A Fistful of Charms.

I’ll be offering these hardcovers signed and/or personalized through Nicolas when they get the order page up, but if you can’t wait, they’re at Amazon and B&N right now.



And if you are on my twitter feed . . . The Rachel twin I was talking about wasn’t anything to do with writing. It was the modifications I made to my original Rachel “action figure.”  (rolls eyes) Sorry. It would have made more sense if Twitter had posted the picture.

rachel3-0 rachelandrachel



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18 responses to “We’re having an ARC contest

  1. Vampyre

    I’m pretty sure all we have to do is reply to the email Kim sent out. Tim will see the “magic” word and our guess.

    I’d really love to get an ARC (advance reader/review copy) of The Turn.

  2. Linda Alcorn-Burg

    I can’t remember Tim’s email address. Could you post it in a newsletter update?

  3. Angi H

    Should we already know Tim’s email address? I’d like to enter but not sure where to find it. Thanks!!

  4. Jenn

    Do we just respond to the newsletter? Or is there a specific email addy I’m missing? 🙂

  5. Angelique

    Lovely knitting, could you share the pattern? So I csn knit them for christmas presents.

    Already receiving the newsletter so I’m curious about the ARC contest 😊

    Enjoy This weekend with Gardening!

  6. Kathy Snyder

    Question: isn’t this already your newsletter? I’m already signed up…I thought? Thanks!! Love your work!!!

  7. lyllian pilcher

    I love these series . have been hooked on what’s going to happen with Trent and Rachel. Oh and I love big Al as I call him. Big Al, should have put Trent in a cage for doing that to Rachel. Can’t wait to read the Turn. Thanks for giving me something to do when the insomnia hits me at three am. Best wishes Kim and prayers for a good year of health and writing. Big fan lylli Pilcher.

  8. Oh how lovely, need more to read please:)

  9. Sandra White

    I love your work. I’ve been reading your books for a long time.

  10. Nicole

    Hardcover? Great! I definately am ordering that one!

    • Nicole

      Pressed too soon the post comment button: especially as I have The Drafter as well already in hardcover.
      And I have as well two versions of A fistful of Charms in hardcover, so I can’t miss this one 😉

    • Nicole

      Oh, and I like the Rachel figures…

  11. Michelle

    Make more dolls and sell them! Al, Jenks, Trent, etc

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