Hollows personalization part two

I’ve signed the Truth books, the Princess books, and even the YA, Madison Avery series, which puts us right in the middle of personalizing the Hollows. Last month, I’ll offered to sign the first three titles that you ordered from Nicolas, my local store. I’ve not yet gone in to personalize them, so if you’re waiting, hang in there. Those of you who ordered any of the earlier titles, you should have them by now. If not, shoot them an email. (And if you are late hearing about my personalization push this summer, I’m sure Nicola’s won’t mind adding some of the earlier titles we’ve featured to you pile.

August means the second set of three Hollows books are available, starting with one of my favorite, A Fistful of Charms. This is the one that is set up in Mackinaw City, pulling heavily on my early family vacations. I’ll be going up there sometime this month to enjoy the fudge and cool breezes on the island. Not to mention hearing the horses 24/7. Unfortunately, unlike the other titles, you can’t upgrade to hardcover on this one. They are just about impossible to find.

Also featured this month for personalization will be The Outlaw Demon Wails, and For a Few Demons More.

Just click the images to go right to Nicola’s, and don’t forget to tell them when you order the books who you want them signed to. I’ve linked to the mass markets, but you can upgrade to the hard covers by a quick search.


Also, early heads up that I’ll be running a contest in about a month for those coveted ARCs of THE TURN. I don’t know how many I’ll have to give away, so winning will get you into a select group that I will draw the ultimate winners from. Runner ups? I am going to try my hardest to have something to give to you, too, but I don’t know yet. This is something I’m doing on my own, and I won’t know how much participation my publisher is going to give until I actually, ya, know, get there. And yes, pumpkins are involved.


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8 responses to “Hollows personalization part two

  1. Vampyre

    Happy Labor Day Kim. It’s a holiday so I get to work. YAY!!!

  2. Vampyre

    I was one of the lucky few to get FoC when it came out in HB. It is my most prized book of the series and to top it off, it’s signed. I think it was the first signing I went to. I was so nervous, being around that many strangers and meeting Kim for the first time. It was one of the best experiences of my life.

  3. Thomas

    I was super lucky to find Fistful of Charms in hardcover last year… Love that whoe series

  4. Martin

    Fistful of Charms is one of my favorites, too. I must admit, picking a favorite in this series is HARD. I love them all!! But the character and relationship developments in this book really drive the series forward. All my thumbs UP. 🙂

  5. Valerie F Counsellor

    So exciting!! Love your books!!

  6. Jennifer Ramsey

    Excited for this!

  7. Angi H

    Fistful of Charms is my favorite of the series! Mainly because of Jenks, not only being human-sized, but he has some of the best quotes in FoC!

  8. Ed Carson

    Fistful of Charms is the one book in the series not in hardback in our collection here at the library where I work. It is impossible for us to get from any of our suppliers. I have latched on to every paperback copy we get donated to make sure the series is complete. Can not wait for the Turn and I love my autograph copy of the Something Deadly This Way Comes.

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