Hollows up for personalization

I’ve signed the Truth books, the Princess books, and even the YA, Madison Avery series, which means the Hollows are up next! I can’t offer to personalize them all at once, so I’m going to make them available in batches. This month, I’ll happily sign to you any of the first three titles that you order from Nicolas, my local store. (And if you are late hearing about my personalization push this summer, I’m sure Nicola’s won’t mind adding some of the earlier titles we’ve featured to you pile.

Just click the images to go right to Nicola’s, and don’t forget to tell them when you order the books who you want them signed to. I’ve linked to the mass markets, but you can upgrade to the hard covers by a quick search.

Dead Witch Walking



And yes, The Drafter is still on sale for 1.99 for your Nook and Kindle. No excuses now! You have to let Rachel go and see if her younger “sister” can cut the mustard. Rachel will always be there. Promise. šŸ˜‰





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17 responses to “Hollows up for personalization

  1. Chris Turner

    Hi There,

    I hope you can help me. My wife is a massive fan and I am hoping to get her a special gift for our first wedding anniversary (being paper and all). Her favourite book is for a ‘Few Demons More’ and the ultimate goal would be to get a copy signed by yourself! Also are there any specific versions that would make a really good gift?!

    I know it is a bit of a stretch but I thought I would try. Our anniversary is in October so no rush although we do live in England.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Liz

    I couldn’t afford to grab all three of them, but I ordered the first one and told a friend that’s been wanting to try the series that now is the time. It isn’t much, but I hope it helps!

  3. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    I’m 60 now and celebrating by making blue berry pancakes with real berries. I’ve never done this before.

    I’m so sorry about your sudden career down turn. You’re too good of an author to have this happening to you. I keep hoping and praying you manage to turn it around somehow.

  4. Got the drifter for kindle. Already have the rest of your books.

  5. Kim I read Dead Witch Walking with my mom in high school and we instantly fell in love! What a wonderfully imaginative series! Ushered me into a whole new type of genre – urban fantasy! My mom usually reads mysteries and to this day it is the only paranormal book she has read!

  6. noddyknitter

    Just wanted you to know that Dead Witch Walking was the first paranormal book I had ever read. My neighbor gave it to me the week I went on bedrest with my youngest who is now 9. I devoured it and every other as they came along with a whole new genre of novels.

  7. Lori Gastaldo

    Are these only paperbacks that you’ll be signing? I have all paperbacks, but am trying to replace them with the hardcover as I can.

    • You can get most of the hardcovers signed, Lori, but it takes a lot more time as they are harder for Nicola’s to find now, and Fistful of Charms is like the holy grail.

  8. Angi Eurton

    You know I think it’ll be very hard to let Rachel and Family go. It’s like saying goodbye to a very close friend that you’re afraid you’ll never see again. That doesn’t mean that we can’t make a new friend. I like Peri quite a bit but we haven’t developed a relationship yet. We’ve only just met. I am of course curious about her but I don’t love her yet. I know you are constantly being bombarded with people asking, pleading and begging you to bring The Hollow’s gang back but step back and look what you created. You dear Kim/Dawn, have made a world so very close to our own, one that we can physically see the places you include, a world that just barely touches our own that we can pretend to be there. We can believe that Jenx may be visiting the stump in our back yards, that Ivy is in the club near us just waiting for the right woman, that the gargoyles on the churches really are watching over us and that Rachel may screw up a spell and land in the graveyard next door to us. You made us believe in your world. That’s why we beg for more. We love all the people you gave us and we really have had no closure. I’m quite sure in a book or two most of your reading family will be just as enamoured with Peri but her world is so different that we can’t see her walking down the street. You honestly made an entire universe for us to explore both above ground and below! We love to be in these places with you. I guess that is the curse you teisted for yourself with an Urban Fantasy that was so perfectly done!

    • Thank you, Angie. I truly appreciate that, and it means a lot to me, but while everyone is saying a tearful good bye to Rachel and the gang, my career is being flushed down the crapper due to low book sales.

  9. Pat

    The Drafter is great, I can’t wait for the next Peri book.

  10. Charlena

    I have already purchased all the Hollows books, is there a way to maybe send you my copies for signing?

    • I’m sorry, Charlena, but I can’t do that anymore. Some of the books are really hard to find, and I can’t afford to replace them if they go missing in the mail.

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