Summers are for reading, and have I got a deal

If you have been waiting because of cost, if you have been avoiding due to lack of closure on another series, if you are still stuck on Rachel Morgan, who is no longer the “baby sister” of the characters in my mind, then never mind, but if you are curious about how brains-and-brawn Silas deals with desperately loving a woman who doesn’t remember loving him back, if you can spot a manipulative boyfriend as fast as I can write one, if you doubt skill and smarts can overcome periodic, job-induced memory loss, then I’ve got a special for you that you’ll likely not see again for a very long time.

NookRight now, the Kindle version of The Drafter is on sale at Amazon for 1.99. And where Kindle goes, the Nook will follow. 🙂

These are the deals, folks, and this is your summer. Make the most of both, because neither will last for long.




Also, I’ll be going in this weekend to sign those personalized copies you’ve been ordering from Nicola’s. To get in on this, scroll down the blog entries.

WaylaidCoverAlso, also, Waylaid, the Peri, Rachel mash-up is still available for .99 cents. Rachel lands herself and Jenks in downtown Detroit. Yep, I went there.


And yes, a picture of the self-proclaimed king of my yard, who was out singing this morning. He’s not liking the new pavers I put down this week to address a run-off issue, but I sure like ’em. I’m especially pleased with it because they used up the scattered pavers that the previous owners used all over the yard for things that are no longer an issue.




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14 responses to “Summers are for reading, and have I got a deal

  1. LISA

    Do you have any plans for any other books? Other then Peri books? I’ve read the 2 novellas and the book and I’m sorry to say I just didn’t like any of the characters at all. Not a single one even a little. I really tried to like them. I bought the ebooks and couldn’t get through them. Not giving up I thought since I couldn’t make it through reading them I’ll buy the audio books and try listening instead. That work for actually getting them read. So I really did try to like them. But I just seriously don’t. I know you’ve gotten bored with Rachel and don’t plan to write anymore but what about anything else. Do you have anything besides those 2 series that you are working on? I really really hope so. Your one of my top 10 favorite authors.

  2. Nook already has The Drafter for 1.99 as well! I just bought it and Waylaid. Thanks for letting us know about his deal!

  3. It’s a fabulous deal … except I have the book in hard cover ( I bought three when they were released) for me and friends, and a couple of paperback for anyone I might have forgotten. Also have it on Kindle and Audible. 😀

    I really loved it …and everything else you’ve published.

  4. Edward N. Carson

    Loved Rachel, loved Madison, love Peri; and chipmunks, and frogs are awesome.

  5. Jaime

    I did not truly have closure for the Hollows until the short where all characters meet. I believe it is the Coke one? (Shame on me for not remembering!) Madison, the Princess, and the Bird Girl are on my To Be Read List. However, I am chomping at the bit to read Peri’s next adventure! Pre-ordered that baby. I have Sideswiped and Waylaid. Debating whether or not to have hard copy AND ebook for ALL KH available.

  6. Elicia Wiederholt

    Thank you sooo much for the book deals!!! I absolutely love your books but with my income it is difficult to keep up so I REALLY appreciate when deals are offered!!!

  7. Icefyrera

    Thank you, Kobo also now offering same deal 😀. Now off to indulge for the long weekend❤️❤️

  8. I’m psyched about the new series — this is a terrific deal!

    We’ve had dozens of generations of chipmunks living at various places in our yard. Without fail, just around sunset, one of them sits on the edge of our back porch and does what we call “The Chipmunk Evening News” for about 20 minutes.

    There’s another one (or possibly all of them ganging up) that come to the basement window near where my cat Elsie sits on the steps looking out, and if she’s not there, they’ll chirp through the window until she comes, then they’ll run around in the brush there a little before running away.

    Chipmunks are so funny.


  9. I love the drafter and no I did not have closure w/Rachel But still dove in and actually ONLY got it cause I thought waylaid was a book book (I dont like ebooks) and it got me excited to read a new series that would pop in some fav characters. I was bummed waylaid isn’t in book form. Will it ever be? I can’t wait for next drafter book to come out. I read 1st one way too fast! 😉 That good! Thank you for giving me my favorite series of all time,The hallows! And trust me I read a lot and usually series. Rachel is still #1 after all these years and hundreds of books! Thank you so much. Read 4 times, will again in few months! Not much compares. I try, but only found 2 series I feel close to that love for the hallows.

    • Thanks, I’m glad you took a chance on Peri, and I’m so glad you enjoyed Rachel. I don’t think Waylaid will ever be in paper form on it’s own, but it will likely be put in the back of one of Peri’s mass markets.

  10. JerryC

    What a cool deal for those who haven’t already picked up The Drafter for their kindles!

  11. Alex Bacon

    Thanks for sharing about the deal! We are about to go to the lake and I needed something to read!

  12. Martin

    “Like” on this. Thank you!!

  13. This is awesome! Love this deal, a BIG Thank You!! I can call my library complete, with hardbacks and ebooks! I can read at home or on the beach or even vacation(squeee…faints)…. Muhwah!

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