Madison Avery: kick-butt teen battles death and wins–sort of.

We’ve moved up to the Madison Avery series in the ongoing in-turn personalization I’m running until the publication of The Operator this late November. For this month, Nicola’s Books and I will not just sign, but personalize to the person(s) of your choice the Madison Avery series books that you buy through them. (Pssst! I’ve not gone in yet to sign the last two Decoy Princess books yet, so you can still get in on that as well.)

Madison is my official foray into YA, but I’ve always thought that the Truth books were more YA than anything else. Madison got her start in Prom Nights From Hell, an anthology with Meg Cabot, Stephenie Meyer, Lauren Myracle, and Michele Jaffe, but you don’t have to read how Madison died to enjoy the rest of the series. (I’d suggest it, though as it gives some nice background on reapers and the “magic.”)

In order: The Dim Reaper (Prom Nights from Hell) Once Dead, Twice Shy, Early to Death Early to Rise, and Something Deadly This Way Comes. They are fun, don’t-take-seriously, reads, but you can see me playing with time that sort of leads right into Peri’s abilities. Great summer time reads for your kids, or even yourself if you’re young at heart.

I’ll be signing these and any other Kim Harrison/Dawn Cook title this weekend at B&N Grand Rapids MI, Noon (6/11, 3195 28th St. SE ) but if you can’t make it, you can . . .

Click to order from Nicola’s, and if you’ve ordered personalized books earlier, hang in there. It takes some extra time, which is why I don’t offer personalized books but for rare opportunities. This cycle through November is probably going to be the last time I do it.

More info on the books is at my website: Scroll to get to Madison’s books.






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9 responses to “Madison Avery: kick-butt teen battles death and wins–sort of.

  1. Barbara

    Your stories are amazing! I follow you on Bookbub, Goodread, Amazon, WordPress, Twitter because I don’t want to miss a new book. The YA series are great, and I don’t worry about my grandson reading them as well. My husband, 72, myself 63… reach all ages! I received a Kindle a few years back, so I have repurchased all of your books. I felt guilty for having all of the hardbacks, paperbacks in my personal library,
    i. e. Middle bedroom. …so I gave them to local library. Sharing gives me the warm, fuzzies.

    • Vampyre

      Before I bought my first Kindle, I’d make a trip to my library to donate that years books. Now the only Hardbacks I buy are for the signings. I’ll be keeping those.

  2. Dear Kim, without a doubt you tell a great story and the characters are impossible to forget. I took notice when I first read my first book of yours “The Drafter”. As usual I’m a day late a dollar short- I just got into reading the Hollow’s series. Which the real reason for writing. I have started “a Fist Full of Charms”- sadly I will not finish the book or the series. Stupidly my Heart aches for the Love that Ivy has for Rachel that will never be returned. Your stories are truly a gift but, the Love you crafted is haunting me. Rachel is perfectly independent but I can’t bear to read another word that leaves Ivy’s Love to remain torn apart.

    Sincerely Yours,

    • Why are you telling me this, Jeff?

    • Kim, thank you for talking the time to read this. The most recent posts are over 2 years old. So to get to the point I’ll be truthful- “I want you tell me that everything is going to be alright”. It’s stupid but, “I have to know that Ivy and Rachel become Lovers”.
      I started with Book 7 followed 10. I honestly thought they Books 1 & 2 but, important & incomplete story references told me I was incorrect. When you responded I has just beginning Book 4 but, before I responded I hoped I would find the answer.
      You made Rachel & Ivy flesh and blood. The tales are incredible and unpredictable thanks to Rachel. BUT….
      “This is a Love Story”… Book 4 was beautifully written.
      I read an excerpt from book 13 and I had read 7&10…. and I am heart broken because I was wrong.
      “This a tragic love story”…..
      Dear Kim, I am 54, an architect, 6ft2, 200lbs, married 30 years, with two 21 year olds. I have a beard and I wear my hair long.

      Yours Truly,
      Heart Broken

    • Sorry, for taking up space. I’m such a fool

  3. sandrafingerut

    I love the series. I think I once sent a question you responded to, but I don’t remember. My memory unfortunately has the capacity to fill less than 1/8 of a teaspoon.

  4. Ed Carson

    I really enjoyed the Madison series. I keep re-reading the library’s copies. I tried to ask via email as to which copies had been signed (paperback or hardback) but to date have not had a reply from Nicola’s books.

  5. Vampyre

    I’ve always loved the Madison covers. It was a good trilogy that I thoroughly enjoyed. (just like all of your work) Good luck Saturday. I hope you have a good time.

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