Went to Nicola’s last night

Books, books, books, beautiful books full of memories of Useless, Strell, Lodish, Connen-Neute (Verbalize, Connen-Neute!), and of course, Alissa. The newly printed Truth books had come in, so if you ordered your personalized copies last month, they are on the truck today going to the shipper, and then you. 🙂

Kim Harrison and Jessie at Nicola's signing back list titles

Kim Harrison and Jessie at Nicola’s signing back list titles

ForgottenLostTruthBit of a confession here. I got lost for a half hour this morning when I opened Forgotten Truth up to check on the spelling of Connen-Neute’s name. Septhama points, tracings, window wards. Redal-Stan, Talon . . . my beautiful Talon with your secret untold and sacrifice unknown. I forgot how much I loved creating these books. If you want some science in your magic, take a dip in the Hold. (happy sigh) It’s deceptively simple on the surface.

For those of you in the know, that’s a four-bell ankle bracelet, but alas, one bell has gone missing. I think Rex or perhaps Carnac has it.

But the books I’m featuring this month are the Princess books, and you can get both The Decoy Princess and Princes at Sea for the rest of the month personalized to you through Nicola’s. These are traditional fantasy but as before, the language and attitudes are contemporary making Tess very relatable. Like the Truth books, they are good to read with your kids if you’re trying to get them into “mental movies.”

DDPecoy Princess   PPSearincess at Sea

But what I really wanted to give to you today was a wallpaper my tech person at Gallery made for me. The screen size of an iPhone and Galaxie are so similar that I think I  can get away with giving you just one. Feel free to upload and share!


Also, those of you who were contacted through the newsletter about getting an early copy of THE OPERATOR, hang in there. They won’t even be printed for a while yet, but you have not been forgotten. (sign up for newsletter)



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14 responses to “Went to Nicola’s last night

  1. Neek

    Hi there Kim, I am about halfway through Lost Truth. I have been listening to the audio versions voiced by Marguerite Gavin (loved listening to her for the Hollows series too!) I think I must have missed a part of a book? There has been mention a couple of times of Alissa and Strells trip to the Plains but I have no idea when this happened? It must have been in Forgotten Truth somewhere but how could it when most of the book Alissa was um elsewhere…
    Oh and I really like the new covers! She looks much more like what I imagine Alissa to look like except I do not understand the very curly hair? I am sure I have read a couple of times she has straight hair?
    (I hope it’s appropriate to post these questions here, I couldn’t find anywhere else to get a message to you and I am dying inside because I have missed a part of this story somehow)
    KIndest Regards, Neek

    • Thanks, Neek! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the Truth books. The trip to the plains was a short story that I wrote that never got published simply because of a lack of interest. I might dust it off at some point and pub it myself.

    • Neek

      Thank you for such a quick response Kim! The clarification certainly eased my anxiety haha. I have now finished the Truth series and loved it! Though of course I wish there was more!! Maybe a series about the future generation of keepers and masters? haha
      It was all so original and intriguing with an enormous amount of depth in character and the science of magic, just inspiring! It will definitely be a series I read over and over again just like I do with The Hollows series.
      Thanks for sharing your epic brain children with us mere mortals!
      Kindest Regards, Neek 🙂

  2. echoshea

    I loved you as Dawn Cook. I can’t tell you how long I stalked your Dawn Cook website. That was even after I found Rachel and started stalking you under this name. ❤ You've always held a special place in my heart no matter what your name. Thank you for writing so well, and making me fall in love with your stories.

  3. Billy St.

    Just checked out Gallery books 95% women running it, I hope they see sense and publish “The Truth” in hardcover it would look odd to have a paperback Hollows among all my hardcovers.

    • I’m not happy. This past year has been like being pregnant with a baby that has a medical issue and will only live for a few months, and there you are, still making up the nursery, still taking the “congrats” from friends who you haven’t had the courage to tell. You hold the pain in because you know what the joy should feel like, and you know the pain is all you are going to have, and you need to have something. You smile, and you die inside as this beautiful hope you have is carried inside you to an end that you know will be bitter. The sweet is a flash that has to hold a lifetime, and you’re angry because it could have been so much more.

  4. Josie

    I just finished the First Truth. I am glad I listened to you about not being distracted by the cover (and went with my faith in you as one of my favorite authors!!).
    Thank you for making worlds for me to be blissfully lost in!

  5. Katie Cool

    I haven’t seen a release for The Operator in Hardback, will there be one?

  6. dana sala

    I can’t wait to come pick mine up!!! Looking forward to reading them 🙂

  7. Lori Gastaldo

    Yay!! My books are coming..

  8. Vampyre

    I think I missed that notice about the early Operater book. )

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