German Interview

The books do quite well in Germany, and I did an interview with Christian last week.…/ich-schreibe-gern-ueber-makelbehafte…



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4 responses to “German Interview

  1. Vampyre

    I went to see Captain America: Civil War today. I was wearing my trusty PEFECT BLOOD tee shirt. A guy said cool shirt. Is it a band tee shirt?
    I said no, it’s book. He asked about it so I told about you and the Hollows.

    Maybe we should have “Ask me about Kim Harrison” buttons. 😉

  2. Hi Kim!
    Na das sind ja mal gute Nachrichten! …😊
    I’m looking forward to a lossless reading pleasure. (Is that written correctly?)
    The translation came faster than I have ever hoped. Great!
    Greetings from Germany!

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