Laugh till I cry, and then I cry some more


Something only another owner of a seizure dog will understand. Me on the phone, calling my mom to see if she could watch one of my other dogs for a few days. Zander on my lap so said dog won’t attack her as she is having a seizure. Tim in the kitchen, trying to get out on a ride, looking for some OTC Prilosec for a “lets try this” Dr. remedy until I can get in Wednesday. My youngest son cruising through the kitchen foraging and learning how to stay calm in a crisis and keep moving forward.

So. I’m on the phone arranging things. The dog is spilling into another a seizure on my lap, safe from the other dog. The boy is eating a chicken wing three feet away as he watches, and Zander, semi conscious, is leaning, leaning, shaking, leaning, shaking, leaning, almost falling off my lap, trying to get control of herself just long enough to get . . . that . . . chicken bone.

I laughed so hard, I almost forgot to cry.

Clearly this bothers me more than her, my dog who thinks with her stomach.


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14 responses to “Laugh till I cry, and then I cry some more

  1. David J Hodgdon

    Thank you. I needed to read that.

  2. SquidgeWA (aka JKH)

    So sorry. Is she on meds? Have you found the right dose/combination yet? Eh, doesn’t sound like it … Hang in there. And thanks for the mind picture: “Just a quiet afternoon in the ‘Harrison’ household…”

  3. Our Scottie girl has seizures. “Fly catching” seizures, they are called. Sometimes worse than others. I think they are diminishing as she ages. I hope so, because they could go the other way. Sadly, common in many strains of terrier.

  4. Starla Young

    Thank you so much for sharing this. We have an eight month old puppy who not only has seizures but is also blind. We adopted her in November having no idea that she was blind or that she would develop seizures. You can imagine my shock when I took her for her first shots two days after getting her and the vet saying she was blind. So many people don’t understand how we could keep her at that point but she is so adorable and yes at times it has been laugh b/c otherwise I would cry. Our little girl is on medicine now that helps some with the seizures and mostly she just has them when she is over stimulated which still happens once in awhile even on medicine. Thank goodness they are usually brief and she goes back to being her adorable crazy little self. It is wonderful to her from someone else that it is okay to laugh even during the stress. I wouldn’t change our choice to keep our little one and I am sure your family feels the same. We just plan on loving her and giving her the best life we can for as long as we can, the vet isn’t sure if she my have other medical issues come up but we are in for the long haul. Thank you again for sharing and we wish you the best with your dog.

  5. zeldaqueenofmars

    Hi Kim, I’ve been there also, but I was lucky that we were able to control my dog’s seizures with medication. He had them bad, but never had another one again once he was on the pills. Of course, once that was “fixed”, he got the worst case of Valley Fever my vet had ever seen and then a few years later cancer and that’s what finally took him. Way too early.
    Thanks for making me laugh and tear up with that story!

  6. Sorry to hear about your dog’s seizures. It is good there was something to make you kind of smile in the middle of it. I hope they are able to find a treatment to control the seizures.

  7. Seattle Park Lover

    This story reminds me of my first cat. She was like a dog when it came to food. She became ill with a fatal wasting disease and when she was diagnosed I asked the doc how will we know when it’s time to put her to sleep so she doesn’t suffer? The doc said she’ll stop eating. The night before she died on her own, with no help from a doc, she jumped up on my lap and snatched my steak off my plate. That was one determined cat!

  8. Lynne

    I feel for you.. I have a 17 year old cat, who has been in renal failure for a couple of years, and recently started having seizures. While he has had only (?) four so far, it’s just as scary every time.

  9. candace

    One foot in front of the other, Kim! You can do it!

  10. Hugs, hope the otc meds help I know how our pets are like our family.

  11. Barely controlled chaos! And we will do anything for our furry family! I just went through an episode with a cat who was finally showing signs of renal failure…I can relate. We have to give her sub-cutaneous fluids and I could use another set of hands, besides mine & the hubby’s. Might just work better if we were feeding her while trying to do this!

  12. schofielddea

    Humor in the face of hardship–so critical!! Thank you for sharing this, Kim. : }

  13. Lynne

    I have a 17 year old cat, who recently started having seizures. Only (?) four since August, and given her age, the vet hesitates to do any testing. It’s scary, to say the least. I feel like I have to watch her every second that I can.

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