Dirt Work

After two weeks of snow and cold rain, the weather finally returned to normal this week. I’ve been able to get into the garden twice so far since Monday, and plan on being in it tonight as well. I’ve used up all my block and have to go back for more, but the area we opened up to work in this year is starting to take shape. The real issues here are drainage, (as in an entire lot funneling into our garage) and someone’s past love of ground cover. (as in I’ll never be free of it, even with the eight bags of it at the curb.)

I love working in the garden, and every night when I get done with what I want to do, cold with sunset and tired, I finally look up from the dirt to find that though there is a change, there is still so much to do. It’s kind of like writing a book in that way, but far more satisfying as the changes are immediate and real. I like the new view I’m making, and it feels good to be changing a mono-garden to something more eco and animal friendly that invites bees, frogs, and songbirds.


But I still need more block. My new “Michigan garden” with only native Michigan wild plants/flowers is almost ready to plant, which is good, because my old Michigan garden is starting to get a little crowded. I had no idea May Apples liked to spread that fast. I’m not worried. I’ve got lots of places for them now.

I am almost done with the editorial rewrite for THE OPERATOR, which not only means I can get back to writing THE TURN, but that I can rearrange my office to take advantage of the new view that I’m making in the yard. Monday, maybe . . . or Tuesday. It would be a nice break to take on the day that THE OPERATOR comes out in mass market. I sort of feel like I need to mark the occasion with something, otherwise, it will just be another day. Not much happens on release day if you’re not on tour, and I’ve already toured for this one.



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3 responses to “Dirt Work

  1. You can never have too many violets! Have you tried Johnny-Jump-Ups? They grew wild where I lived in Louisiana. I added them to my mother’s garden in Denver, and surprisingly they naturalized there too!

  2. Kelly

    that’s so cool your outside interest can finally happen!! Not much of an outdoorsy person myself but I can certainly appreciate the effort and prettiness of nature.

  3. Claudia D.

    I love hearing about your garden. You have such interesting plants. I don’t have any luck with plants, indoors or out. Thank you for sharing with your fans.

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