Lookie, Lookie. Kim’s got a cookie

Look what dropped on my doorstep last night! Boxes of them! Mmmm, must think up a give-away . . . But until then, this one looks good on my desk between my teapot and the notes and phrases-I’ve-not-used-yet stuck to my monitor. It will be my reference book and get all gnarly with dogeared pages and broken binding.

As promised, the novella I released last summer as an e-short is in the front of this, in print and sort of a primer to the world and characters as well as the . . . I don’t want to call it magic . . . special inherited skill, perhaps? that Peri possesses. Sideswiped felt like a pilot to me in pace and amount of info I dropped on you, and it might help you find your feet if you are just getting into the Peri Reed Chronicles. Already reading the series? Then it adds a nice little backstory that I’m going to really dig into in that third book.

Want to check Sideswiped out without investing the entire eight dollars? Sideswiped is still available as an e-book for a buck. šŸ™‚





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5 responses to “Lookie, Lookie. Kim’s got a cookie

  1. fuonlyknew

    LOL Now that’s some cookie! I have a copy of your book in the first cover edition. This is so perfect!

  2. Cheryl Welburn

    Great! Can’t wait to get my hands on this one.

  3. Sue

    Love this cover, it fits the story line so much better then last one.

  4. Will the short stories you have done for Perri be available in print anytime soon. Although I have a nook I still prefer my books to be paper. I read your Truth series years ago. Found them at the library and loved them enough to buy my own copy. They have the older cover on them. I would love it if you were to delve back into the fantasy realm.

    • Hi Heather,
      Sideswiped will be in print on Tuesday, the 19th at the front of the mass market of The Drafter. I don’t expect Waylaid to be available in print for at least a year? But it’s a guess. That is so cool you found the Truth books! maybe someday you can bring them to a signing. I’d love to see those old covers again.

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