Thank you for a great release day!



Thanks for a great release day, guys, and I’m hopeful “Waylaid” has a great first week. I don’t normally watch Amazon or B&N lists, but “Waylaid” is doing well, popping up in Espionage, Romance, and Mystery, which is a good place for it to be, I think. I’m hopeful that it remains strong on the list for at least the rest of this week.

A special thank-you to those of you who are leaving reviews because they help to sanction the book itself–that it’s viable and has worth–and justifying my work seems to be one of my goals right now, even though it’s not the way I typically function. So thank you. Every review helps.

I’m hopeful that a lot of the readers from the Hollows who fell in love with Rachel and the gang will see your reviews and give Peri a try. Peri is not Rachel. She has her own set of issues, because really, how could there be another Rachel? But the core of strength and determination, and yes, a few trust issues are there, revolving around the man she loves. Sound familiar? So spread the word to your Hollows-reading friends who might have missed it.

For those of you resistant to change, I wrote this so you can check Peri out for a dollar. Yes, I know you can buy an entire book for a dollar if you go to the right place, and I fully expect “Waylaid” to be included at the back of something in a few years, but think of your job. Do you really think it’s fair when your boss of twenty years asks you to take a pay cut to match the incoming wage of the guy who just started?

I’m hopeful people read “Waylaid” and give Peri a chance now that the mass market of The Drafter is coming out in a few weeks and there will be a second price drop on the electronic version.  If you go on Amazon, they have both a paperback for 11.73 and a mass market for 7.74. I believe the paperback with the original cover is UK, and the mass market with the blue cover is the U.S. version. I’m not sure why the UK version is popping up first, but this is the one you want.




For your visual consumption today, I have for you, my Bloodroot. I’ve had them in the ground for a few years, and not only are they beautiful in the spring, but they give the Mason bees something to eat when it’s still cold. Mason bees are America’s original bees, and pound for pound, they pollinate better and are not aggressive. It took me five years to encourage them to move into my garden beside my back door, five years of planting food sources, eliminating pesticides/fertilizers, and bringing in the tubes they like to live in in sort of a communal subdivision of individual bees. I look for them every year, and I’m delighted to be able to share them with you again.


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19 responses to “Thank you for a great release day!

  1. Kenneth Furr

    Kim once again you show how much you have developed as a writer. The way you mixed both world was very inventive and I can’t wait for you to continue with this story. Peri’s world is such a difference from the Hollows but I love them both. I left a review on Amazon and have recommended The Drafter to my friends. Already pre ordered the Operator and can’t wait for it to come out

    • Hi Ken. I saw your review yesterday and recognized your name! Thank you! I normally don’t go looking, but I’m very anxious for the review count to get over the 51 review level so Amazon begins to promote it on their “you might also like” feature.

      Thank you!

  2. Alan

    I understand the desire to have the Hollows fans read Peri. I understand sales were rough. I didn’t care for Peri myself. However, I like you and your other work, especially the Hollows.

    But, I just can’t believe that you wanted to write this. I’m hoping your publisher forced your hand. I won’t read it. It’s just wrong and would cheapen the Hollows to tie them together. The worlds don’t match. It would be like George Lucas writing Han Solo into Raiders of the Lost Ark.

    I purchased the hardback and audio version of The Drafter. I’ll also purchase the Operator on audio and give Peri another shot. I’m hoping book 2 will be better than 1, they usually are. You are a great author and even if I Peri and I never become peas and carrots, I’ll still follow you and read your new stuff. Thanks again for the Hollows and being you.

    • Allen, there was more than a little cajoling to get me to write this because it bothers me, too. But there was clear marketing sense behind it, and I was so desperate to get the Hollows readers to give Peri a try, that I gave it a go. It helped once I began looking at it as a writing challenge or exercise to see if it could be _logically_ accomplished.
      But having said that, I will admit that I enjoyed playing with Rachel and Jenks and seeing if I could bring them into reality without breaking either world.
      From that standpoint, I think it Waylaid is a resounding success. Not only did I bring Han Solo into Raiders of the Lost Arc, but I used him to explain how Indy managed to get all the way to the island on that submarine. (grin)

      Thank you for giving Peri a try. I appreciate that immeasurably.

  3. Chris Scott

    Hey Kim,
    Do you know when Waylaid will be available to purchase from Amazon in Australia? When I try to buy it through Amazon on your newsletter it says it’s not available for purchase??

  4. Ellen

    Awesome! I am saving reading for a reward as I’m slogging through grad school reading atm thank you Kim for your talent and sharing . *preordered, on my kindle, waiting patiently for me to finish this research poster*

  5. Shelly Dodge

    Will there be a price drop on the kindle version soon?

    • For which book, Shelly? Not Waylaid, but for The Drafter, yes. Probably right around the 19th.

    • Gerry

      Kim — are you aware that apart from the fact that, apart from the fact that and *still* have not released Waylaid, the price they are advertising in the US is not $0.99 but $1.41?! The nook version from Barnes and Noble is the $0.99 price you’ve been mentioning

    • Huh. I’m sorry about that, Gerry. I don’t have much interaction with the UK folks, but they are probably setting their own price for a good reason.

  6. SquidgeWA (aka JKH)

    Heehee, Waylaid is on my Kindle, waiting for me. I’m in the middle of 12 library books, which have a due date, so they may be read first. But be sure I will read Waylaid.
    Welcome, little mason bees! We tried to lure them back when we had garden space, but I think we weren’t there long enough. It takes TIME to attract and keep them! To anyone else who’s trying: Please keep at it. They are a valuable part of the ecosystem.

  7. Kathleen bingman

    I have not read The Drafter yet but my friend Susan did. She read all the Hollows books and loved them as I did. She said that The Drafter took a bit to get into but it was ok. She also said that it really dragged on in places and that 1/3 of it could have been left out. She will read the second book with hopes that it will be better. I still say you should have written the drafter and continued the Hollows.
    Heck John Sandford does it

  8. Cynthia Joy Wentworth

    I am a big fan of your books & own most of them. I am enjoying Waylaid except for an error in the first chapter where Peri tells Rachel it’s mid-June & Rachel replies “Equinox.” In our world the summer solstice is around June 21 in the northern hemisphere. If in Rachel & Peri’s worlds one of the equinoxes is in June, is it early spring or early fall where they are?

  9. Amy

    I’m a big fan of both The Hollows and Peri’s world (long-time fan of both urban fantasy and sci-fi, so I’m clearly your target market, hehe). I confess that although I’m a reader/fan and not an author, I took it rather personally when your publisher mistreated the situation (and, I suspect, mistreated you too) in the run-up to and initial release of The Drafter. It’s a captivating book and I pre-ordered the next installment as soon as I was able.

    So I didn’t think I’d enjoy reading about the worlds mixing, because it seemed like putting chocolate on pizza or something. Why can’t I just have both? (I ask this, looking askance at your publisher)

    I was really surprised to find myself actually teary-eyed and still feeling emotional about Waylaid. I read it in a heartbeat last night and I was really moved by the way the two women were able to find each other’s core strengths, and their core sense of non-belonging, and to work with each other. The ending was intense.

    Thank you for persisting. Both worlds mean a lot to me.

  10. Vampyre

    I have on my Kindle. As soon as I finish my curren book, I’ll start Waylaid.

    My kittens are 1 year old this week. They caught a small rabbit yesterday(happy birthday). I was able to save her before they hurt her. Not 5 min later they were after squirrels.

  11. I loved the Hollows, but I didn’t read the series just because I loved the world and the characters. I loved the writing and the fantastic author behind the novels. You have become one of my auto-buy authors. As soon as you publish a book I will buy it and I will love it. It took a few chapters to warm up to Peri, I was still waiting for Jenks to come flying in or for a sassy demon to pop up, but in the end, I fell in love with Peri and this new world you have created. I can not wait for the second book.

    I bought Waylaid yesterday as soon as I could, but work has me tied down and I haven’t been able to read it yet, but you better believe I will leave a review when I am done. I already know I am going to love it. 🙂

  12. Sunshine

    I’ll be honest. I MISS Rachel and the entire crew. But I really enjoyed Peri’s story in The Drafter, and I’m really jonesing for book two! I can’t tell you how excited I was to read “Waylaid” – Peri and Rachel together (and Jenks, too)! What a gift … and it was the perfect way to end what was actually not a great day for me.

  13. Susan Collick

    Just left a review on B & N! Loved it Kim! I’m sure it was challenging, but you kicked it!

    (loved the way you pulled Trent into the story via his vineyard!)

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