Waylaid released today

Happy Book Birthday to both Rachel and Peri! E-books come out on Monday, and the Hollows/Drafter mash up has gone live this morning. Don’t have a nook or kindle? No problem. Both retailers have free software that lets you read it on your computer. I can’t imagine that this won’t be included at the back of something someday, but don’t count on it being anytime soon.

For the price of a coffee, a glimpse of what might happen if the two worlds collided: A little bit of Peri, a little bit of Rachel, a little bit of Jenks, and a tiny slip of Al, because somehow, he’s become the narrator of this drama, refusing to let anything happen without him being involved. But that’s kind of what demons do . . .




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17 responses to “Waylaid released today

  1. Rocky Hager

    Ive been catching up on The Drafter! Anybody know of the publisbers contact info for the outlaw demons wails? Ive read that if enough people email them about having Ms. Gavin redo the book we have a shot at it.

    • I would love it if she did the outlaw demon wails. I have a really hard time listening to that book because of the high pitched sound she makes Jenks voice

  2. Jaime

    ♡d it! First thing I did yesterday morning! I’ve missed my Hollows. Jenks’ snark, Rache’s ‘bitchy’, and Al’s velvet. LOL I was on the prowl for that darn cat. And wanted that damn Jack to get shot again. -huff- I can’t wait to see what goes down with Peri.

  3. John Richeson

    Read box yesterday. While good it would have been nice to see what happened in Cincinnati when Rache was missing. Trent must have been having a fit.

  4. Chris Stottlemyer

    Thank you! Will start asap. Wishing you continued success, Christina Stottlemyer

  5. Brenda R.

    I loved it! I’ve missed my old friends, Rachel and Jenks. Peri just doesn’t have the family, snark, or magic of Rachel. Sigh.

  6. Gerry

    What is going on? I commented earlier today before this item was posted saying that neither amazon.com nor amzon.co.uk appear to have released Waylaid/Leylined and were showing April 19th as the release date.

    Now, 12 hours later, that information is unchanged as shown by my computer, yet 7 “customer reviews” of this inaccessible or unobtainable book have appeared on amazon.com’s Kindle page for Waylaid!

    Can ANYONE explain, or am I going mad?

    • Gerry

      By the way, I have tried clearing caches and refreshing the relevent pages, so that is not the answer, and I have also tried using my smartphone’s Kindle app to order a copy with the same problem!

    • Gerry

      My latest investigations have shown that the ENGLISH version appears to be available in GERMANY — amazon.de — even though the US and UK sites are still showing it as unavailable yet!

  7. naturallydotty

    Kim I absolutely loved it. Poor Peri not being able to remember Jenks.

  8. moonbeam0806

    I loved it. I think you blended the two worlds together very well. The only downside to it is that i now want so much more of The Hollows. It made me miss them all over again. Can i have more of both Peri and Rachel please?

  9. John C Fletcher

    That was an awesome short. I only disagree with one thing, and that’s comparing it to fan fiction. You’re blending was masterful. Neither Peri’s not Rachael’s universe was compromised. You did leave a very interesting opening for things to develop too… I doubt it’ll happen, but I love the possibilities.

  10. I have and will start reading it soon. I need to make and eat some pan cakes first.

  11. Ed Carson

    Sent email this morning at 3:00 A.M. I loved it! You never disappoint this reader.

  12. Claudia D.

    Can’t wait for work to be over so I can go home and read it. Thank you Kim.

    • Claudia D.

      Was finally able to read it and I loved it. It was absolutely riveting and blended both your wonderful worlds beautifully. Thank you for your wonderful writing.

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