Peri Reed Chronicles book two cover release


It won’t be out until November 22, but the cover is finalized and available for sharing, so spread the word. I absolutely love the colors in this one, and it shares that same hot/cold look that “Waylaid” has.

It’s been a very busy week on the blog with the cover release, pushing out everything else that’s been going on in my office such as orchids blooming and grass baskets growing tall. If you missed anything, I’ve got a recap. Just click to go:

WaylaidCover“Waylaid” will be out in a matter of weeks, the Hollows/Peri mash up for less than a dollar. (retitled LEYLINED in the UK) It’s got Rachel. It’s got Jenks. It’s got Peri, and just a whisper of Al, because he’s somehow become the Morgan Freeman of the Hollows. Click for more info and outlets.



TOshirtI can’t call them tour T’s, but the shirts are up and available, featuring the “I’m Broken, Don’t Fix Me theme of many of my characters, where our greatest strengths lie in being less than perfect. Prices and sizes at the end of the link.




BackCoverThe back cover of THE OPERATOR so you know what it’s about.





proof Hidden Truth

Links to get your personalized Truth books, the first thing I wrote, and suitable to read with your kids to open up the dinner conversation and talk about real-world prejudice without them even realizing it. Finding strength in our faults. It’s in here.




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15 responses to “Peri Reed Chronicles book two cover release

  1. Rocky Hager

    So the sales from the first book weren’t good so I much ask this question. Will an version be released with January LaVoy returning? I think she does good for the voice of Peri. I don’t want a change like the sixth book in the hollows if possible.

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  3. Meigan

    Hi Kim
    Is The Operator also going to be hardcover? Amazon only has paperback listed for preorder, so I figured I’d ask before preordering in the event that hardcover will be listed somewhere down the road. So excited for more of this series, and Waylaid is blowing my mind a little…Peri AND Rachel?!…together?! So exciting!

    • Hi Meigan.
      No. There will be no hardcover. HC sales of THE DRAFTER weren’t strong enough to support it, so I’m back at mass market. Fast, wasn’t it. One release,and BAM!That puts everything in perspective really quick.

      I’m glad you enjoyed THE DRAFTER. Thanks. It’s struggling to find its audience, and losing the HC doesn’t help in my bid for recognition in being able to write something strictly outside the urban fantasy genre. I hope you like Waylaid. It was a great exercise in trying to meld two worlds that were never meant to meet. Just a few more weeks, now.

    • Meigan

      Thanks for the reply, Kim. I’ll go ahead and preorder the format available on Amazon. And I’m surprised at the reaction to the new series. On one hand, I totally get it — Rachel and crew have such a strong fan base, and Peri is certainly quite different than Rachel. I guess a new series, after such a long-running one, takes some getting used to. I personally like them both.

      I am saddened over the hardcover issue, and very sorry to hear that news. But if it’s any consolation, I somehow ended up buying two hardcovers of The Drafter last year. Hopefully that helped a little πŸ™‚

  4. Jaime

    It looks as though she’s standing at a crossroads. With light vs. dark. Good vs. Evil. But in Peri’s case which one is which? The Opti? This new drug? Oh I am SO READY to read this book! But in the mean time there is Waylaid. Big Al = Morgan Freeman? Bwhahaha I πŸ’š it!

  5. Nicole

    I like the cover! The title across the front reminds me style wise of some books, I think from the early sixties, a thriller/crime series, but I don’t remember the name. Or maybe Marvel?
    I think it looks cool!
    I’ve preordered the book, and Waylaid of course as well already. Not sure if I’ll reorder The Drafter again, I have the hardcover already, but having SIDESWIPED in print… πŸ˜‰

  6. Cathy Costelle

    Can’t wait until it’s out and I can read it. Looks interesting.

  7. Your title reminds me of this classic.

  8. I love this cover! But it’s a long time until November . . .sigh.

  9. Claudia D.

    Love the cover and the colors.

  10. Luisa carlin

    Leylined pre-ordered can not wait. ☺

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