Almost there . . .


Just one more piece to be revealed. I’ll have THE OPERATOR cover for you in all its glory.

As I mentioned to a reader on FB yesterday, this book is only coming out as a mass market and e book, which means the only way you can get a signed/personalized copy will be through Nicolas. They don’t have their order page up yet, but it’s over six months out, so I think we have time.

For those of you who haven’t heard of me talk about Nicolas before, they are my local store who I’ve been working with the last six years or so have an outlet for people who can’t come to a signing. They are absolutely wonderful, and they will even ship overseas.

Right now, they are handling the I’m Broken, Don’t Fix Me signing campaign that is currently going on. For the rest of the month, you have the rare chance to get FIRST TRUTH and HIDDEN TRUTH personalized and shipped to you. I’ll be featuring two other of my backlist titles next month, and so on until we get to THE OPERATOR in November. The books have always been available, but Nicholas is letting me personalize them for a short time, and once this is over, I likely won’t be able to do it again.

cover First Truth FirstTruthIS

Don’t let the pure fantasy covers put you off if you’re a diehard urban fantasy reader. I won’t kid you and try to tell you they aren’t fantasy, they are, but there’s no purple prose here, and the language and attitudes are comfortable. My love for dragons shows, as well as my propensity for small, powerful defenders that sit on your shoulder. Clearly, dragons haunt me still a decade later.
HiddenTruthproof Hidden TruthThese were not only the first books I got published, but the very first book(s) I had ever written, and if you want to watch an author learn her craft, this is a great place to see it.  But the characters still ring true to me after all these years. The books targeted the adult market, but I am totally comfortable with recommending them to younger readers. They are also a great vehicle to open up a safe discussion about prejudice if you care to read these at the same time as your kids. Curiously enough, one of the protagonists and the villain share a similar flaw. One overcomes, one doesn’t.

Click  the book to go right to Nicola’s. To order a personalized copy, please make a note as to who you want it personalized to in the note section when you order. Any questions, just email International is okay. I noticed that their page said the titles might not be available, but I have checked, and they say they can get them. I’ll go in to sign at the end of the month, and ta-da! Personalized Truth books.

If you order both books at once, I’ll slip in a signed cover flat for The Drafter mass market as a thank you.





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7 responses to “Almost there . . .

  1. Pen

    I loved that series. Biggest problem its too short. I want to know what happens next lol 😀

  2. Claudia D.

    I’m with cricqket, your write it I’ll read it. Can’t wait for the end of the month so that I can get my signed Dawn Cook books. Did you ever think of writing a COOKBOOK? I tried the waffles recipe in the Hollows Insider, yum.

  3. Carolyn Plank

    “Operator” is finally listed on Amazon and available for pre-order–sans cover photo, of course, so your unveiling usn’t spoiled, Kim. I’ve ordered the Kindle version so I’ll have it the minute it’s released, even if I’m traveling! Hooray!

  4. Dawn Vanniman

    I will say that I agree these are fine for younger readers. My 14yo son read them and loved them! My 21yo daughter and I have read everything you’ve done. 🙂 I’m lucky that I got all mine signed when I met you!

  5. I haven’t read through all your recents posts. Sorry. I will read them because, well, it’s you. I think of authors and actors and just about everybody as just people. Some have amazing talents. You’re one of the few authors I “follow.” And that’s mostly because it’s obvious you’re a person. I know I’m eloquent.

    You were the one who got me into Urban Fantasy (that still sounds dirty to me; I know, I have a hidden 13-year-old boy someplace in me. Or just too many brothers.). And no one else has topped you yet (internal snicker). Ok, maybe I should stop while I’m behind.

    Again, if you write it, I’ll read it. I’ll pre-order too. I like broken people the best too. If they’re not broken, they’re hiding something. (Or they’re those rare awesome people you just need to protect. Shiny stones.)

  6. Brenda Rorie-Baety

    Are you signing Dawn or Kim! I have all the Truth books, but some day I would like them signed! 😀

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