Walk around my yard

Snow is gone, and the ground is dry just enough to work. I’ve been watching the weather closely, and we just missed the heavy rain that is training over the south and up toward MI. Which means I’ve actually gotten out and worked it this past week instead of sulking at the window, watching it rain. Primrose

I have a new space to play in this year, an adjacent back garden that has been mown, but neglected for ten years or so. I pulled out ten bags of leaves Tuesday/Wednesday, exposing bulbs coming up and whatnot.There is a real drainage problem over the entire yard. There’s no way for the water to get out but through our garage, which it does once a year or so. I’m accessing what I can do. There’s the mouth of an old alley from the 40s in the back that could reach our side drive, or possibly a gentle seepage through my side yard and down the drive we took out a few years ago. In the mean time, lots of weeds, leaves, overgrown ivy, and that nasty ground cover that you just can’t get rid of. Bags of it. I’m putting four bags at the curb this week that I can’t put it in my compost because just one root will start an entire plant.

Clearly it will be a season of ripping out and finding what I have to work with. I’m thinking of making the focal point of the area a fire pit. Maybe someday I can put an outdoor kiln there. If I could have my way, I’d be a potter when I retire. Turn my office into a studio. I can throw a mean pot, wether you believe it or not, and I miss the hum of a centered pot, the balance of gentle force needed to hold and shape. It’s probably why Strell was a potter. (First Truth, Hidden Truth)


My yard, though, looks pretty good, making me glad that I’ve got this new space to monkey with, otherwise, I’d be moving plants around in my yard. These guys have been in the ground five or six years now, and they have multiplied really well.



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8 responses to “Walk around my yard

  1. Mary

    I miss my garden in Oregon. I’d finally gotten everything in just the right spot where it was flourishing, despit being told I’d never get tomatoes to grow in the Eastern Oregon desert. Not only were mine growing when we left, but they were full of fruit. At least the new renter could enjoy them. Now I have a backyard of rock and concrete, but my wonderful husband recently shared some plans with me of how we could build a raised garden, right on top of the concrete. He isn’t a gardener, actually hates it, but he’s willing to build something for me so I can bond with the earth again. It’s finally warm enough here that we can start. Glad you had fun in your garden and so looking forward to doing the same.

  2. Faith

    I fight yearly battles with a type of Yarrow the previous owners put in, I remove it in one section, and it comes back in another. We also have a lovely grape vine that we think we finally get it all and next year it comes back.

  3. SquidgeWA (aka JKH)

    One of our local garden gurus refers to ivy as a “thug.” We also have a major thug popularly called “morning glory” but it’s actually bindweed. I started pulling the stuff out of a completely engulfed bed where I was renting, and found besides a tree stump a gorgeous rose. Once it was freed, it grew prodigiously and bloomed as if to make up for years of deprivation–which perhaps was exactly true.

  4. Kate

    Hi Kim! I have never thrown pottery, but it is something I have always wanted to try. I just saw this, though, if you ever feel like taking it to the next level.

    I will be working on my garden this weekend.

  5. Ed

    My frogs woke up this week and I haven’t had a chance to clean out the ponds.

  6. Rainy here in Dallas. I miss my Michigan yard and garden. Everything is in bloom so fast here, it’s not like waiting for those first little green shoots of tulips to pop their heads up in MI.

  7. I hear you about the unwanted stuff. My backyard was nothing but ivy when we moved ten years ago. Even now I battle it since my neighbors still have it and won’t get rid of it.

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