Waylaid released today

Happy Book Birthday to both Rachel and Peri! E-books come out on Monday, and the Hollows/Drafter mash up has gone live this morning. Don’t have a nook or kindle? No problem. Both retailers have free software that lets you read it on your computer. I can’t imagine that this won’t be included at the back of something someday, but don’t count on it being anytime soon.

For the price of a coffee, a glimpse of what might happen if the two worlds collided: A little bit of Peri, a little bit of Rachel, a little bit of Jenks, and a tiny slip of Al, because somehow, he’s become the narrator of this drama, refusing to let anything happen without him being involved. But that’s kind of what demons do . . .



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26 responses to “Waylaid released today

  1. Lolly

    Will there be an Audible version of Waylaid? (Fingers crossed 🙏🏼)

  2. Luisa

    Why can’t I pre order this in the UK for kindle?

  3. Charlena

    Ordered all three books 😁, look forward to reading the Truth series.

  4. I love the cover but I’m torn on who is who. I want to say Rachel is the blue-toned model in front? Or is that Peri?

  5. Tammy Anderson

    I’ve missed all of the Hollow characters, so excited to get a tad more!

  6. danny weaver

    Glad to see you visiting the Hollows again. I pre-ordered Waylaid just now-the gang is back-somewhat =enough. Looking forward to the new Hollows book in 2017 too. Now if I could just read that stray Al story you pinched into the final paperback AFTER the final hardback, heck I’d be all caught up. Can we expect another short story collection in some future time? Gathering these new short Hollows stories together in a collection would be great once again Love to have it all-complete and in hardcover. I wont buy x2 book copies (hardback 1ST PRINT + PAPERBACK =RIP OFF-new mini story not appearing in 1st edition-bad form Kim
    ) for these little tease stories. So no paperback, no FINAL Al story-poor me. Patience.

  7. Claudia D.

    I already pre-ordered Waylaid last week. Books ordered from Nicola. Thanks so much for all you do for your fans.

  8. Jaime

    Preordered waylaid this morning. I have missed my Jenks.
    Side note: I have android. The Google now cards up date when new posts to sites I follow pop up. Yeah, Google!

  9. Linda Craft.

    I’m re-listening to the Truth books right now. I laughed when the word Tulpa came up. You do like that word, it is very versatile.
    I look forward to the new story

  10. Claudia D.

    Already pre-ordered Waylaid and just ordered both Truth books from Nicola’s. Can’t wait to get them in my hands. Thank you for your continued fantastic treatment of your fans.

  11. Vampyre

    Howdy Ma’am,

    I’ve already pre-ordered WAYLAID. All of the TRUTH books after in my meager library already. If I remember correctly, you’ve signed them already. I’m good to go. 🙂

    • Vampyre

      Oh, I forgot to mention, the Amazon KINDLE app is available for Android and Apple as well(I think)

  12. Ed

    Cannot wait! Love the cover.

  13. I am going to come see you if there is an event.

  14. Jessica

    Pre-ordered Waylaid today – Looking forward to it!

  15. Sarah

    Can’t wait, just pre-ordered it.

  16. Natasha

    *giggles of delight*

  17. Books ordered from Nicola. I already pre-ordered Waylaid earlier this week. Thanks so much!

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  19. JerryC

    Sexy cover and quite a concept! I’ll be looking forward to it. 🙂

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