Foot stompin’ good

I can hardly stand waiting until Thursday. I tried, but it’s so darn pretty. I promised I wouldn’t show it until Thursday, but I can’t help but show a tiny little part. Rachel and Peri, my two favorite leads, together. I’l have the full cover Thursday, but you can read the book description at Amazon or B&N if you can’t wait.


Waylaid Amazon / B&N

retitled Leylined in the UK


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12 responses to “Foot stompin’ good

  1. Rachel

    Food for thought: I own an Italian greyhound and I believe they are the closest animal I could own that in temperament and general characteristics most closely resemble what having a fire lizard would be like (sans wings/flight). Is this a ridiculous and unnecessary comment? Yes, but i stand by it.

  2. WAYLAID I’ve had it on pre-order & I can’t wait. Jgtimm/Judith G Timm

  3. Jaime

    Curiosity may just kill this cat….no willpower at all

  4. Kathy

    Still say there id more Hallows to written. You should wr to ite both. Ne more Peri Reed book then wat?

  5. Gerry

    So — Leylined is being published on in April by Piatkus (aka Little Brown Book Company) but there is still neither hair nor hide of Sidelined from them, overdue a year now!

    I’ve read it, but the way I had to obtain it has unfortunately not put any money in the pockets of either Kim or the publishers, which upsets me — authors should be properly recompensed!

    • Gerry

      Oops, I should have said Sideswiped but Leylined tricked my brain into writing Sidelined instead!

  6. Claudia D.

    Can’t wait. Rachel, Jenks, & Peri, three of my favorite characters.

  7. Susan

    Combining Rachel and Peri in an enticing short story is very clever, Kim. We will drag those who resist change into the future regardless. And nice to have a little visit with Rach and Jenks, who I missed almost as much.

  8. Brenda

    Wahoo! Sooo excited I’ve missed Rachel so much!

  9. Alan

    Any idea who will narrate the audio book between the two series?

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