Just showing off now

Snow everywhere, but if I can get through the weekend (Yay Friday!) it will melt under the warmer temps Mr. Cantore promises me. In the meantime, I’m loving my green grass. This is what happens in two day. I’m shocked at how much better I feel with green grass and the promise it repersents. The three bluebirds on my bird bath didn’t hurt, either.



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4 responses to “Just showing off now

  1. I feel your restlessness, I’ve got it too! Just planted some pansies and feel a lot better.

  2. LOL! With snow in the background.

    Speaking of dragons, do you ever read Katie MacAlister? Her older Aisling Grey series is a pretty good read too.

  3. If we had that much new grass in the house the cats would be besides themselves trying to get at it to chew on like cows.

  4. Wow, your grass is growing fast! Can’t wait until the snow melts so we can see the green stuff everywhere. I’m hoping this is a dying winter’s last bitter push.

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