Sprouts grow

This morning, into my office I went
with a pot of tea, as is my bent.
O’r frozen sleet, and crispy snow.

With cold so deep
the floorboards creak
with my weight, as bitter winds blow.

But snow and sleet
their end will meet
and wren’s bold song will show.

When warmth and sun
no longer shun
and green sprouts at last will grow.


Needless to say, my live Easter grass baskets have sprouted. (see yesterday’s post) It makes the four inches of snow we got last night easier to take. I’m just glad we got rid of the twelve inches from last week, first. But it’s heartbreaking to have walked in my yard and seen the crocus up and know they are again, waiting.

If you want to sprout your own baskets, it’s not too late, but I’d suggest using vermiculite instead of dirt unless you have plans on using the dirt later. It’s cleaner is all.

But what has my mood bright, other than the sun streaming in, is that I just got the go-ahead from Nicola’s, my local store, to move forward on my latest “Don’t Fix Me” promotion to help promote both the mass market of THE DRAFTER, and the late November release of THE OPERATOR. 😉 I had to make sure they could get my backlist first, and they can.

I’m still working on the logistics, and I’ll have more tomorrow, but yes, there will be shirts, and hopefully freebies, and a rare chance to get the older titles personalized, but what I’m excited about is the opportunity for me to look back at my work and see the common threads running through it. I’ve got enough out there now to actually have a stylistic pattern, and it’s fun to take a step back and see what cloth you’ve been weaving for the last fifteen years.


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9 responses to “Sprouts grow

  1. Through hurting eyes I see only the sharp white and blue crevassed Winter. Cruel beyond my understanding, only numb fingers probe and tell me that a Spring and Summer lie deeply dormant. Hunger keeps me moving toward warmth and green, somewhere. The small rooted herbs I carry near my heart look likewise to my search. I will persevere. I must.

  2. I don’t know where else to put this:


    I really hope that link will work. Please tell me if it doesn’t.

  3. Claudia D.

    Can’t wait for The Operator, The Turn and the crossover. I am in need of a new T-shirt if they become available. Congrats on the sprouts. I love reading your blog and your books.

  4. John Fletcher

    I’d also love to be able to buy a Drafter shirt. I missed the chance to buy one when they were available. Will you have Operator shirts? If so I’d purchase both.

  5. Ed

    Lovely poem. I personally have enjoyed watching the weaving. Spring will be here soon and the frogs will be waking up in the pond.

  6. Mary

    I wish we could come visit you at Nicola’s. Congrats and enjoy. Looking forward to The Turn. I told my daughter about it yesterday and we’re both very excited. Just a few more years and we’ll get her sister reading too, although she probably knows all the characters already as we’ve been talking about them enough. Any way we could get a t-shirt with a purchase? Or will you by any chance be signing anywhere else this year? Thank you for being an inspiration!

  7. Ren


    I love to knit and make jewelry. It’s watching fabric emerge from a single piece of yarn. It is watching the development of wearable art in progress. These things drive my desire to create. I think you will understand. I look forward to reading the world’s that you create.

  8. I will trade you the 8 inches of snow we got up in Fowlerville! On a happy note, the Blackbirds are back. I have about 8 of them hanging out around my bird feeder and looking very confused. Don’t think they are enjoying this round of snow. But that is usually the true sign of Spring being near.

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