Oscars. Mmmm. More than a fish.

It’s Oscar month, which is rapidly becoming one of my favorite TV seasons. I don’t watch the Oscars themselves, though I do pay attention to who wins the biggies. No, what I enjoy is the chance to settle into my couch with a pot of tea, and perhaps some simple knitting that I don’t have to look down at to do, and just enjoy movie after movie all frigging month long, all the best available and one after the other. Great grand glorious stories being told to me without interruption of commercial and as their storyteller intended. i.e. no cuts or deletions. It is truly a treat, one I’m becoming more enamored with.

Today, it was “Out of Africa,” which I remember watching when it came out in 85. I loved it when I was near twenty, but this time, as I did five years ago, I bawled silent, slow tears at the end. Some of it, I will admit was envy for being able to tell a story like that, but most was the story itself.

Tonight, I plan on watching “Chicago” because I love musicals, and murder, and women who get away with it.

Not that I ever intend to. (snerk)


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5 responses to “Oscars. Mmmm. More than a fish.

  1. Kim, I noticed while reading your posts that they feel a bit like slipping into a cool pool on a very hot day. I relax into remembrance of the peaceful hours I have spent reading and enjoying your writing. I look forward to the new!

  2. Cathy Heckman

    Left ya one on the FB! Tired must…feed…the babies!!

  3. Josie

    Those instances are never planned šŸ™‚

  4. Theresa

    I gave up on watching the Oscars in 1984. That is the year that Gandhi won for best costume. Yep, Dhoti (loincloth) was the best costume.

  5. Claudia Dettlinger

    I loved Chicago, I have never seen Out of Africa but would like to. Enjoy your movies.

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