Soapbox speeches and epiphany parfaits

This post is really for me, not you guys, though some of you are going to get it. I just realized this morning why I write . . . and probably why you read.

I like broken things: the fractured tree, the wrinkled face, the pained walk, the old building still standing amid crime and poverty, the soul raging against the ravages of time, the mind struggling to retain itself and failing. This is where strength is, and broken is beautiful to me when six-pack abs and clear complexions have no worth.

This is why Rachel had a sickly childhood, why Ivy struggles with addiction even when she succeeds, and Jenks suffers to live when his wife and children are taken from him. This is why Strell fought against a lifetime of prejudice to love a woman from the hills, Tess struggled to balance death with power, Grace refused to accept a disease that took her career, and Peri suffers a twist of fate that takes her mind in little, insidious bites.

So if you want angsty, beautiful people doing amazing things, go somewhere else. My heros are broken, because we are all broken, and to see them overcome, is beautiful.


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42 responses to “Soapbox speeches and epiphany parfaits

  1. Stephanie

    Thoroughly enjoyed this post. Thanks for the share. For me personally, you make the broken voices manifest in the most appreciable ways I’ve had the pleasure to read. And in series form, no less. Couldn’t be more grateful for your ability to create characters that resonate in so many divergent, eclectic ways and worlds. Love being a Kim Harrison fan.

  2. Sharyonda

    Kim, why you write is why we love to read your work. Reality isn’t perfect and we all go through ups and downs. Keep writing for your reasons and your readers will continue to read your works of perfect imperfections of people.

  3. K

    Sounds like one of my favorite writers has got her groove back. Glad to hear it! Carpe Diem!

  4. Beth koenen-seelbach

    I think that is why i really enjoy your work. No one is without issus,and over the tun of the series there is logical growth. I am currently revisiting the hallows in the midst ofUndead Pool this read focusing on Trent.Thank you. For flaws, strenghts and growth. Look forward to similar grosth in new series.

  5. Very nicely said! Could explain why you are on my “favorite author” list. Thank you.

  6. Jessica Richards

    That’s beautiful.

  7. Nicole

    And that is what makes your work outstanding, you built a world, have real characters everyone can relate to, not all perfect and they grow, with faults but also in a good and some in a bad way… It’s not a world were everybody is straight away a hero who can everything… And this is why I love your books!

  8. I love you characters for that reason. They are easy to relate too. They aren’t perfect.

  9. Jaime

    We are all broken; it’s what makes us real. Fairytales usually have nothing to do with, ahem, ‘”real” faeries. My favorite example is The Little Mermaid.
    My favorite male characters, Jenks, Al & Trent are prime examples of brokenness. AND I LOVE THEM ALL. Jenks you explained perfectly before. Trent is seriously yummy man candy but he has done some nefarious & shifty shit. Then there’s Al. Oh, Gally.
    This is why I love your writing. You give us real people for characters. Even though they may have supernatural story lines. How you blend the two makes us crave more.

    • Jaime

      Ok. Duh you explained Jenks; he’s your character. That just sounded idiotic when I read again. Apologies, caffeine hasn’t kicked in yet. 😉

  10. Katie Booth

    Thank you! Your work has been really inspiring to me, I have chronic nerve pain, vulvodynia (look up at your own risk it gets tmi) I got sick when I was 13 I’m 27 now. There is no official cause and no cure, so reading about Rachel, Jenks, Ivy, Trent their struggles and accomplishments. I don’t feel so alone any more, I feel like I can kick ass, let that spit fire woman out. On the days I can’t move and the nights I wake up from pain, I can listen to the audio books. To be honest I’ve read alot of books where there is always some magical cure that makes the character able to achieve whatever problem is in front of them. With your books though, they feel real because the characters still struggle emotionally and physically. Sorry that this post is a bit of a mess, I only got 3 hours of sleep, woke up with pain, but this is a huge blessing, it came at a time I needed it. You are a great writer and I love how real and authentic you are, never stop. -Katie

  11. Lavenia Otts

    Your way or the highway, hmmm? Not surprised.

  12. Yep. And no doubt that’s why I buy your books as soon as they’re published – and in hard copy, so I can read them again. We ARE all broken in some way, by the time we’re “grown,” anyway. Your stories give us hope that we can also survive life – at least, until the end! Thanks

  13. Margaret Erickson

    Your characters touch me deeply because they are broken. Perfection may be the goal of the gods but to touch the broken spirit is the personification of unconditional acceptance. I love you for that and for the characters that do it so well.

  14. Kathy B

    So that’s why I love your books so much!! 😍

  15. Tewl

    Exactly. Well put

  16. This is such a British philosophy! We love our heroes to be flawed, it makes their successes so much sweeter.

  17. That is beautifully said, Kim.

  18. Yes yes and once more yes!!! Merci!!

  19. Jen

    Broken people always have the best stories to tell. Your characters have become like friends to me, over the years, & I go back & revisit them from time to time. It reminds me that everyone has a tale, everyone has a tragedy, & everyone has chances for redemption & rising from the ashes. Glorious phoenixes, every one.

  20. sandra

    “This is where strength is, and broken is beautiful to me when six-pack abs and clear complexions have no worth.” love it

  21. Sue

    Totally agree, and why I love your books.

  22. Debi Lehman

    Love this! But it is so true.

  23. Anne (Rabid Reader)

    That is totally why I have loved all of your books. Most people are broken in one way or another and there is nothing wrong with that. It is the willingness to try to overcome and what has broken us and persevere in the face of adversity that makes people special. Thank you for reminding us.

  24. Exactly correct and well stated. Both you and Guillermo del Toro (the director) expertly touch/reference the beauty in the broken and asymmetric. It might be dark, but it is always hopeful and empowering….a delicate balance indeed….magnificent.

  25. Natasha

    There was a tree I loved looking at; standing alone in a field allowed its branches to spread out uninhibited. It was struck by lightning and had split down the middle. One side still stood proud and green, reaching out and up while the other side fell and burnt black. I was sad the first time I saw what happened to it but as I kept looking at it, I realized that it was more interesting now than it had been before. And the cows who call that field home didn’t seem to mind having a new scratching post, lol.

  26. Cathy Costelle

    And thats exactly why we love your books.

  27. Vanessa

    These are the reasons I love your stories so much. Because of the broken pieces. They sound so much more real and they have a life to then.

  28. Bethann d

    Broken here as we all are in some way. The hard part is to accept it, realize there will be more broken parts,dents,dings,and faded paint in our future. Even harder is to see the broken in others and accept and love these imperfections in them and ourselves. Your characters have insight into these places and in the middle of a good read I learn a lesson. I’ll admit to being shallow in that I read fiction for a good escape, a good story. I’ll never pick up a psych book, a self help book, a “literary best seller” (you know what I mean), but I admire the books that slip that stuff down my throat covered in addictive sweetness

  29. Being one of those “broken” souls I totally understand and love your writing. Happily Ever After books in my childhood did some of the worst damage to my life.
    Keep up with the broken!

  30. tara harkin

    I think an imperfect hero is far more relatable than a perfect one. It shows that, despite obstacles and hardships, things still can get done. it shows broken is not finished, it’s just different.

  31. Mary

    It’s the brokenness of your characters that made me fall in love with them. Those are the kind of people I like to write about myself and that makes you an unbelievable inspiration.

  32. jenifer and jenks

    That is why I LOVE your books…..

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  34. Love this. It’s also what brings people back to continue reading about these characters xD

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