For everything, Turn, Turn, Turn

Research can turn to inspiration really fast when you’re working in the 60s. I’m writing The Turn for the rest of the month and should hit almost the midway mark by the end of it. I’m on Chapter 13 right now, which is traditionally when everything hits the fan in my books. It’s a pacing thing. And sure enough, it has, right on schedule.

Trent’s dad is a tool, but he’s got good taste in music. I’ve got a barn at night. I’ve got cloth-covered bales of straw and a lantern. There’s an AM/FM radio, and dessert. And two people trying to seduce each other for their various schemes, succeeding admirably I might say.  Yep. If Trent’s dad is bad, Trent’s mom . . . she not worse, but she’s . . . mmmm. Guess you’ll have to wait and see. It’s always the genetic engineers in high heels and glasses that surprise you.


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38 responses to “For everything, Turn, Turn, Turn

  1. Billy

    Just pre ordered my copy of “The Turn” from Amazon with the stipulation it has to be an American published edition.

  2. Stacey

    Very excited about a hollows book…still hoping you do some short stories about Rachel and the gang about the missing 27 years and PLEASE DO A BOOK ABOUT RACHELS AND TRENTS WEDDING and maybe getting pregnant …..please
    You are always gonna be one on my favorite authors and the one of the reasons I love to write…so thanks

  3. Susan

    Kim, you are a little young to have experienced the ’60s first hand, but I did, and I am guessing that you will do an excellent job of recreating the era, and am really looking forward to reading this story. Ah, the indescribable joy of cutting my musical teeth on Motown and what is now viewed as classic rock. I feel particularly sorry for people who became teenagers during the 1980s.

  4. Vampyre

    Just wondering, will Takata(sp) be making an appearence in the 60’s story?

  5. Irene

    I am so glad to here there will be more stories about the Hollows! I hope Trent’s dad is as good and entertaining as Trent 😉

  6. So good news and a great idea! Just 2 days after I completed the last Hollows-Book (German Edition). Looking forward to the german edition of The Drafter. (…do you know when this will be released?) Greatings from Germany!

  7. So good news 2 days after I completed the last of the Hollows ( German Edition)! Also I look forward to the German edition of The Drafter. You know when this will released? All the best and greetings from Germany!

  8. Annie

    you makes my day with that notice!! ❤ I love u so much!

  9. Many things I love: the Hollows , the sixties , good music and books from you! Great! Thank you so much!

  10. I didn’t know you were making a novel on the background story for the Hollows. How very nice. I for one have always wondered about that and can only imagine how many others felt this way. Thank you for filling in that piece of the puzzle. This kinda reminds me a bit of Star Wars. Everyone wanted to know what made Darth so darn bad. Now, we’ll know just how much of a rotten tomato Trent’s dad really was(n’t).

  11. Bel

    Wow! Can’t wait for both books. I loved the Hollows and am hooked on Peri! Love you Kim! Keep writing and I’ll keep reading.

  12. Sarah Zeeb

    Omg!!! I can’t wait!!

  13. Doing a little happy dance! Always look forward to anything you write.

  14. SquidgeWA (aka JKH)

    Today, Friday the 12th, is a wet and depressingly dark day. But it has brightened considerably upon reading that you are happily creating another excellent story for us.

  15. Unbelievable!!!… Life is good… waiting for more, Peri and the Holllows!
    Best regards! 🙂

  16. Jaime

    This makes me happy!

  17. Anne

    Glad to have more Trent ❤️ And the Hollows but I also can’t wait for the next in the Peri series

  18. jukauz

    When I was a literary agent I had several writers tell me how they became part of the world they created. Where the characters and their world incorporated the writer and wouldn’t let them go. I guess this could be a good thing or a bad thing but I know from what I was told it is a real thing. I think you could ask J.K. Rowling about this as well, I see there’s to be another Harry Potter book. I think you are just as real to Rachel, Ivy, Jenks, Trent, Al, and all the other citizens of the Hollows as they are to you. As much as we, your readers, don’t want to let go of the Hollows I think they, the Hollowites, don’t want to let go of you. I know, crazy talk, right? Just remember tulpas can take many forms. All this said can’t wait for the new book, yeah!

  19. Cool! I spend more time than I should wondering stuff about the Turn. Glad to know some answers are coming. Thank you!

  20. omg i screamed for joy and got really strange looks. thank you, thank you, thank you ❤

  21. Lesley

    ZOMG. This has just made my day!! 😀

  22. Janice

    It’s always good to read more about the Hollows. I’m still looking for to your newer stories through.

  23. I had to read this post twice to fully absorb that a new Hollows book is in the works – oh, frabjous day!

  24. Ed C.

    The “Turn”? WOW!!! Can’t wait. Also can’t wait for next Peri.

  25. Grace

    This is AMAZING!! WONDERFUL!! I’ll read anything you write Kim just because I love the way you tell a story, but I have to admit, the Hollows holds a special place in my heart 🙂 Do you have an idea when this will be released?

  26. Rosaura Sanchez

    I am so excited!! Another Hollows book. This series and one other series, have been the best I have ever read, and I’ve been reading since I was 8, I’m now 67 yrs old. Hurry Kim hurry…write, write, write. Just kidding, I’ll be patient. Okay that’s not true. I’ll be tense and bite my nails till you’re done. Again, just kidding …NOT! Lol Love The Hollows.

  27. What a wonderful surprise – cannot wait!!! 🙂 Thank you Kim!

  28. Nicole

    Did I miss something, are we getting an other Hollows book? Great, now I hardly can wait! Looking forward to it! I love the Hollows, but I do love your other worlds as well, as well as the one with Peri in it — looking forward to the second book there as well!

  29. Martin

    I am confident that this one will hit the best seller lists! I’ll be standing in line for it.
    Thank you.

  30. Sandra

    So excited!!! Thank you…MISS that world 🙂

  31. MOrE Hollows! ❤ Thank you. I was still mourning the loss. Not to be cliche` but The Struggle was Real.

  32. I’m losing my MIND!!!! THE TURN?! Oh….my…..goodness!!!

  33. “Research can turn to inspiration really fast when you’re working in the 60s.”

    I’d venture to say that that isn’t limited to the 60s, though 😉 But I hear ya. Feels good,though, right?

  34. Linda Craft.

    The music of the time was good. I’ve always wondered if there were still Hippies during the turn. It would be a shame if there were no hippies

  35. I thought we were done with the Hollows for good. What a pleasant surprise! I cant wait to see how events around The Turn unfold!

  36. Erika B.

    I love getting a blog notice from you in the morning, Kim! It always makes my day! I’m so glad you’re having fun writing about Trent’s parents. Any idea when we might be seeing this? Have a wonderful day! 🙂

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