The snow missed us, and I don’t care!

We missed all the snow in Michigan, and I haven’t heard one complaint. It was fun, though, watching millions of people become snowbound and have to deal with the crap we get quite often. I’m figuring it’s going to be about two days before they start complaining about it. (wink) I’m impressed with how much better it went with a travel ban. I have a feeling they will be putting them in place more often with lesser storms.

I have to laugh, though, because on Friday, before it hit, I made Tim watch THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW. Now, it’s all you see on TV.

So it was football and knitting most of the weekend for me as I pretended we were getting all that snow, because even though I’m glad it missed us, there’s something nice about being snowbound when you’re warm and well fed. I had just finished a project, so after realizing I had no winter-themed tea cozies apart from a candy-cane striped one, I designed this one of a winter-bare tree. This is entirely my design from top to bottom, and I absolutely love how it came out. If I made another, the only thing I’d change would be making the bottom a true rib instead of a checkerboard rib.


This is using a new 100% Merano wool from Australia. I can’t say I like it. It doesn’t felt well, which is why I bought it, so now I’m trying to find new ways to use it. It also twists horribly, and though the air is dry due to low humidity, it is unusually static prone.  It came in a large variety of colors, though, so I’ll deal with it. Once I got it into a ball, it was easier to work with.

I’m on a campaign to use up some of the material in my yarn closet, so next, I’m making a dragon out of a skein of green silk I picked up somewhere cheap. If you’re looking for the instructions on my dragon, you can find them at the website. Please be kind if you try to follow my instructions. The dragon is my own design from the tip of her nose to her tail, and writing things down so others can duplicate my efforts is not my strong point. I’m not charging anything for my pattern, but it you want to thank me, pass along one of my books to a friend to get them hooked. 🙂


Amazing things can happen when “I desperately want” meet “I don’t know how,” so give it a try. I wanted a fire lizard so badly when I was 14, and now, I have a faire of them. (laugh)


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34 responses to “The snow missed us, and I don’t care!

  1. twiser

    The synopsis for Waylaid sounds like The Drafter to a T. Are they different?

    • Very much so. I’ve not seen the synopsis they have out there for Waylaid, but this is what it should be: The magic of the Hollows runs full force into the technological sophistication of The Drafter when a device capable of carrying a city’s data stream pulls Rachel between realities, marooning her in a world where the supernatural holds no sway. To get Rachel and Jenks home, Peri must decide what will chart her future: her blind trust in those who grant her power, or her intuition telling her to believe.

    • twiser

      Barnes and Noble: The Bourne Identity meets Minority Report in this first highly anticipated installment in #1 New York Times bestselling author Kim Harrison’s sexy new romantic suspense trilogy, featuring a brilliant special task agent at the top of her field and set in a futuristic Detroit.

      During a routine but dangerous Opti task, Peri Reed finds out her trusted partner has made her a corrupt agent. Her unique ability to jump back forty seconds in time to correct a mistake leaves her vulnerable when her partner, who is responsible for replacing her memory of the event, gives her a false one. But Peri lives and dies on her intuition, and she begins to piece her twisted reality together as she flees her one-time secure situation at Opti and tries to find the truth with a sullen but talented psychologist named Silas who works for the very agency trying to bring the Opti corruption to light.

      With Howard, tech and med specialist, and Taf, gun-toting daughter of the apposing grass-roots agency, Silas and Peri try to rebuild her memory of the night she killed her partner, knowing it will put her mental stability in danger. Peri remembers, and thoughts of revenge keep her alive and moving forward as she tries to put an end to Opti, working with the very faction that wants to see her dead.

      Thanks for answering. The mashup should be a fun read.

    • Yeah. That’s for the Drafter. Someone made a mistake.

  2. sandra

    you knit, write? what do you do when your doing knitting an object?

    • sandra

      Man I suck- Ok so you knit and write? what else can you do? Also what do you do when your done knitting an object?

  3. Kim, Awesome winter-themed tea cozies it resembles the book cover of The Drafter!!! 😉

  4. Kim beautiful winter-themed tea cozies it resembles the cover of The Drafter!!! 😉

  5. Vampyre

    Here is someone that really likes the snow.

    I have mixed emotions about a new Hallows story. While I love the Hollows, I know you were hoping to move away from there to something new and different. I’m glad there will still be more Peri to come.

  6. Heya Kim, long time no write! I finally finished The Drafter and really liked it, as expected. I know you normally don’t read reviews, but if you’re interested in a longer comment, here’s the link to my blog. Spoiler: 4 of 5 leaves 😉
    Glad to see you working on the Hollows and Peri, I’m really excited for both projects. Cheerio, amy aka aimée from Germany.
    PS: got my bf hooked on the Hollows, he currently reads book 9! 🙂

  7. I dont know if this is the right place, but I just saw your post on Facebook and I was wondering if there was going to be a new book around ‘The Hollows’ ( I see youre working with Trent’s dad) lol. Its one of my all time favorite series 🙂

  8. cmpvb

    Your knitting–and overall creativity–are inspiring. You’ve certainly given me an incentive to improve my knitting!

  9. SquidgeWA (aka JKH)

    Here in Washington State, we have snow up in the mountains. We didn’t have any last year — a major problem, since that’s where we get our water. And there was no skiing season last year, a major bummer for many. However, this year the skiers (and the ski resort people) are in snow heaven. Good for many reasons. And I’m very glad the snow is in the mountains and not in Seattle.
    Please please please post wip snaps of your silk dragon!

  10. Kim,
    You have always been able to help me when I was struggling and right now I am drowning. I am wondering, doing you write linear or do you write a scene/scenes out of order and fill in the blanks when you go back? I have been stuck with two characters that I cannot move forward at the current age they are, but I have a lot of scenes in my head for when they are older. Should I just skip it and write it out of order? It’s been several months and I’m ashamed to say I’ve only written 500 words. Teenagers are hard to get a handle on. I really don’t know how you did it so well with Madison Avery?

  11. Kathryn J Burgess

    Hi my mom is a knitter. She gets her wool from a friend in Tawas she has a sheep farm. Funny they both grew up two doors down from each other in Harper Woods, and now one lives on Lake Huron and Mom lives on Bass Lake in National City. I love going up to cottage. Ok back on point my mom then takes the wool to a store in Frankenmuth and they spin it. After all that she knits. I am more of a needle pointe girl. Still trying to convince her to do the dragon.

  12. Dear Kim, You make me want to learn to knit! Really! Too, I am reassessing the Winters I spent in Minnesota. For a while cold actually hurt! (Getting older stuff). How can I fOcUs enough to travel through time? Yeah, my Tardis doesn’t work, just noise and lights.
    Sincerely, Dave

  13. You are so creative 🙂 Kim I have been a fan, and reading your books for nearly a decade. I just want you to know that you have been an important part of my life. With three kids, and an uber stressful life, your books, especially the Hallows, have been my companions, my friends, my way to escape in a healthy way, from the stress of every day life. My life is richer and fuller with all of my favorite characters that YOU have created. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart ❤ Never stop being you. You improve others lives by being who, and what you are. P.S. Love the dragons 😉

  14. mfrentress

    You are so darn talented!! For some reason I could never pick up knitting! I really enjoy seeing all of your creations and love your little girls! I love dragons! I have read all of your books and am just starting to read The Drafter. I think I am going to love Peri!! Keep up the good work!!

  15. Dropping in to let you know I continue to read your posts, even though I don’t always respond. Your tea cozy is so wintry. Thanks for putting a link in for the dragon – she’s a pretty thing.
    Jeannie Leighton

  16. Renita

    I am allergic to wool so I cannot imagine knitting with it. Do you have a yarn preference for senthetic, cotton, silk or bamboo yarn? I am asking because I enjoyed your description of the yarn for which you did not like. Much thanks.

    • Hi Renita. I use Patton’s Grace cotton yarn a lot because it has a big variety of colors and behaves itself. It is also a somewhat stiff yarn for all its softness, so it holds its shape really well when I’m doing animals. For everything else, I like working with Marino wool. (Marino wool usually doesn’t itch or scratch) Alpaca is a joy, but pricy. I made a tiny man-scarf for my husband out of a skien of mink that was on sale, but again, pricy.
      Natural fibers are my favorite, but I’ve only worked with bamboo once. I would really like to know what they subject the fibers to in order to get them that soft first. My absolute favorite is a half felted Marino wool. It’s soft enough to feel good working with, but stiff enough to hold its shape, and the colors are usually warm and inviting.

  17. Alyssa

    I hope to be able to learn more techniques to knit one of your dragons one of these days. I was also hoping that you had a pattern for that tea cozy. Will you post one eventually?

    • You should give the dragon a try, Alyssa. I’ve got youtubes for the more odd techniques. As for the tea cozy pattern? I didn’t write it down apart from a graph for the tree, so no, sorry.

  18. As a New Englander who just moved to Virginia a little over a year ago, I’ve been giggling at everybody as I hunkered down two days before the storm and have no plans to go anywhere until tomorrow. Full tub of water, plenty of dog food for for the hooligans, coffee, canned soup, 3 lifetimes worth of knitting, and all the digital entertainment I could ever want on my TiVo or fully charged Kindle. Life is good

  19. Martin

    I am glad you are posting more regularly to your blog again. It’s good to have you back.

    • Thank you, Martin. I don’t feel back, but thank you. My feet are on a familiar road, but the scenery isn’t changing no matter how far I walk it. I’ve never been much for waiting for other people to fix things. Patience is a virtue, but he who hesitates is lost.

  20. Sisi

    Certainly no complaints from me about the snow missing us in Michigan! My family lives in DC suburbs so I got constant snow updates and that was all I needed. It was on the news so much, though, I sometimes forgot I wasn’t snowed in and was surprised when I looked outside and saw pavement on the road!

  21. Linda Craft.

    You must not know any skiers or snowshoers, I heard lots of complaints and some of them were my own. My niece in Virginia & daughter in Queens got the good snow. Well, we had two good winters so we have to expect a light one this year. I think the tea cozy is adorable, I too like winter bare trees.

  22. Bethann d

    Cool dragon, would love one but my knitting never progressed past scarves. And they aren’t very good either

  23. geminidog999

    Great cozy!! Are you going to post the pattern? Samantha

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