Cold office, fast fingers

My office was cold this morning, down to 65 F which is cooler than I like to let my plants get. But it’s sunny, and it will be near 80 in my office come afternoon when the sun comes in and is trapped. I’ve got my newest fixation, Bob Moses, circling on my ipod. It’s an ancient thing, (the ipod) with 30gigs of memory. Yes, 30. And though I have to keep it plugged in because the battery is old, (I’m guessing ten plus years?) it still friggin’ works and holds, well, ten years of music. Tim found a place that might be able to give me a new battery if it’s not soldered in. I’m debating if I should let it out of my sight to try to fix it. It’s working as it is and I’d hate to chance losing what I’ve got.

But Bob Moses.

Mmmm. After hearing their “Tearing Me Up” on Chill, I bought the album. I don’t buy a lot of music, so when I do, they’ve clearly struck a chord of connection. No surprise I found like three or four tracks on Days Gone By that align very well with what I’m working on right now, and that feels good. It’s been awhile since I’ve found that. It’s sort of like being at a party and falling in love at first sight from across the room, breathless and a little “You too?”

So work. Yeah. I work whether I like it or not, whether the words flow or have to be pick-axed out–and so there is progress and movement whether I feel good about it or not. Stuff goes from brain to fingers, to printer, to cabinet, or Tim suffers. There’s too much in my fire-proof cabinet right now, and it’s distressing. The cabinet is sort of like the repository of my brain, easing the blockage in my head as ideas and thoughts coalesce and become real, a pause on the way to the shelf where I can let go of it and breathe. Otherwise, things sort of get block up in my head. Constipation of thought if you will. Usually things move out of the cabinet on their own, but right now, I’m feeling as if it needs to be sucked out by a big vac truck driven by a man in a plaid shirt named Buddy.

I’ll tell you what, though–the days go faster when I am so absorbed that I forget to eat and that heavy lump sitting in my cabinet waiting to be set free is forgotten.


Right now, Bob Moses is pushing my thoughts, coloring the moods of my characters. It’s time to save the world again. I can’t wait to get started.



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6 responses to “Cold office, fast fingers

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  2. jukauz

    Kim, if you have a Batteries Plus store nearby they can replace your battery.

  3. Carla L

    I love that song! And I have one of those cabinets!

  4. Dennis

    Thank you for sharing this lovely music, will be a great chill set for yoga practice.

  5. Barbara

    If you can plug your Ipod into your computer you can transfer all of your music onto your computer so you don’t lose it. I am not sure how to do it but you can probable also save it to the cloud and it will be there forever. Can’t wait for your next book to come out.

  6. Kelly

    I am glad your writing…hate that your struggling…but whatever you do…IT WILL BE AWESOME!! I KNOW IT!!

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