Manic Monday coming (and my dog!)

To find out how to take part in the upcoming manic Monday to get a free audio book of the Drafter, sign up for my newsletter. There will also be the first information on how to take part in the contest to win a drone later this year when the mass market comes out. The newsletter comes out tonight, so there’s still time to get in on this.

I’ve had a very frustrating morning watching FB share this information to 272 people in one hour because it included a link I’d shared once before, so truly, if you want free stuff, sign up for the newsletter, and then open it when you get it tonight. Otherwise, you’l miss out on the free stuff. And who doesn’t like free stuff in time for Christmas?

As for my dog, she’s back to normal, and it’s the best gift ever.




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13 responses to “Manic Monday coming (and my dog!)

  1. Kim, you really ought to join us on reddit. LOTS of active authors participating in a huge community of readers. AMAs and discussions and everything else. 🙂

  2. Claudia D.

    Glad your dog is better and back to herself. FB is a pain, Glad to see the blog active again. Have a great day..

  3. SquidgeWA (aka JKH)

    Let’s see: she’s got her ball, got her shawl, got her bed right under Mommy’s desk. All set! My Son in Law’s Chihuahua/Boston mix likes to burrow into her blankies, and you have to be careful that she’s not buried somewhere in the bed…and she and the cat sleep together!

  4. paula bibbee

    So glad your baby is normal. . Mine ate never normal.

  5. Alan

    Glad your dog is well, I already have both Drafter books on audio and i am waiting for the next book. Another good series

  6. Jessica

    Aw glad to hear your dog is doing better 😊. Would love to receive a newsletter because yes i agree fb can be a pain and I enjoy all your books they are what made me believe there are still splendid writers out there with such creativity.

  7. Vampyre

    Yay for your girl. Not a fan of Face Book or Twitter or the herd mentality that goes with large scale social media. I’m already a subscriber to you news letter, is this link something different?

    The closest I’ve come to winning anything was in Atlanta during the raffle. Both items were won by ‘205’…I was 206. Curse you 205!(just kidding)
    (I don’t remember the exact numbers and used these number for illustration purposes only)

  8. Jennifer Zamboni

    Good news about your fur-baby. Sorry facebook is being a punk.

  9. Anne

    Glad you dog is doing ok:)

  10. Ed

    Don’t use FB. Great news about puppy. Signed up for news letter. Glad you are sounding better yourself.

  11. fuonlyknew

    Yeah for your healthy fur baby! I’ve been locked out of my Facebook site for months. Too much bother to try to get back in and then just get hacked again. I’m signed up for your newsletter and looking forward to your exciting news.

  12. I am so glad your pup is doing better and I am glad you are back at the blog seeing these in my inbox always makes me smile.

  13. FB is just not the way to go. Old school blogs and email newsletters are where it’s at. Congrats on doggie feeling better and on the giveaway!

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