Summer is coming. I can feel it.

My yard is so green, I can hardly friggin’ stand it. I put in a good day’s work in my office yesterday before I went out into the green and gold and moved a bunch of rocks into a retaining wall. It’s one of my favorite things, believe it or not, and I’ve got stone walls all over my yard turning flat yard into interesting garden. One more afternoon, and it will be done and I can plant something.

Most of my day was with Peri, but I did spend a small chunk of it trying to figure out how I can use Instagram to my advantage.

After just a day, I can see how Instagram is a fabulous tool for someone who likes to share pictures, (me) and say a few things about it, (me again) but without an app (of which there are many and I don’t know which is best) I can’t share pictures from my work computer, just my phone. I can get around that by changing how I take and store photos, but it also doesn’t let you embed links in the caption, just hashtags, and hashtags get buried fast. Again, I can sort of get around that by sending viewers to my profile where there’s a link to my blog with the rest of the information, but it’s clearly not designed for what I’m trying to do: get information to you.


Not enough time in my garden . . .


If you are interested, here’s my Instagram account. I’ll be sharing more unique content there as time goes on because . . . frankly, my phone takes better pictures than my camera.




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4 responses to “Summer is coming. I can feel it.

  1. Just me

    I heard you had to pass on the trip the telemarketer offered you to go-to-hell. Did it include a Styx cruise or just a direct Dante descent? I wonder where nasty telemarketers get dropped on the Inferno tour?

    On a brighter note, I think the jewelry for your house is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen and I hope you were able to get outside some this evening to work on your wall.

    I have some flower starts in a root bath. I checked them this morning and I am seeing progress. I check them every day; I just pull them out, stroke and encourage the fine hairs, clean debris from the tip, and put them back. I considered yesterday that maybe I shouldn’t do it every day, wondering whether the care stimulates their growth or if the frequent handling might damage them. I guess I just need to be mindful when I do it.

  2. Kat

    Thanks for the inspiration…..

  3. Claudia D.

    Looks like a little piece of Paradise. I love the turtles. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Danielle D

    You just copy and paste the link into the comment box

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