The Drafter Freebies

Freebies! If you have ever been to one of my signings, you know how much fun we have with the Q&A, the bunny cam, and the freebies that are somehow both promotional and have something to do with the book.

This year was kind of tricky, and I wanted to find something that played upon the slightly futuristic lean the books were taking. The Hollows used magic to make the world stand out. This time, I wanted to use technology, and so after lots of starts and stops, I put together a mock up of Peri Reed’s glass-technology phone.

They are just too cool for words. I want a real one that works. Heck, I want Peri’s car, I want her apartment, I want to go shopping at Sim’s Mules. . . . But the phone was the only thing I could duplicate. (grin) PerisPhone And because I know that not everyone can get to a signing, I’m going to make them available again this year for a SASE.

If you’ve never sent me a SASE, I’ve got an example below. Just stick on a first class stamp, fold it up, and mail it to me at the address below:

Kim Harrison
PO Box 498
Dexter, MI, 48130

SASE Envelope and stamp may vary subject to availability, location, and personal preference. -grin- Just don’t use metallic ink. The post office can’t handle it all the time.

Also, I’m posting content over at Instagram now. Today there’s a picture of my “house jewerly”:Β


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36 responses to “The Drafter Freebies

  1. Billy

    It looks like I was unlucky, as mine did not arrive still never mind Eh! the books are the most important thing. πŸ™‚ also happy that the “TURN” is coming out in Hardcover.

  2. Billy Stirling

    Loving the Operator it took me a little while to source an USA edition as the UK one does not include Sideswiped, all my Hollows ones are USA editions the cover artwork is so much better. I live in Scotland, UK would it be possible to get a Drafter clock if I send a SASE.

  3. joshua mclain

    is there any Hollows stuff left just found out about the freebies huge fan of the hollows books said when it ended

  4. Heather

    This is so awesome, can’t wait for the new book to come out. I am trying to get myself an arc from the publisher, fingers crossed!!

  5. Gerry

    Any chance of one of these being available with signed books from the Ann Arbor bookshop in September?

  6. Natascha Richter

    Hi Kim,

    I love your books and would very much like to get a “phone” but is a sase also possible for overseas. I live in the Netherlands so I don’t know if sending it in a envelope would be possible.
    I really enjoy the hollows series and every time you release a new book a reread the hole series. I’m reading ‘for a few demons more’ right now and am dreading the moment she finds out what happens to kist!

    Best regards,

  7. dana

    Thank you so much for the wonderful freebies!! πŸ™‚

  8. Michelle

    HI, I’m in Canada and the last time I tried to do the self addressed stamped envelope thing from an American location my post office told that they can’t do it for out of country stamps. Would I be able to send you a self addressed envelope and a money order to take care of the postage?

    • Hi Michelle.

      YOu can send me a SASE from your Canadian post office just as you would send a letter to your next door neighbor. The problem comes with me sending it back. I can’t use Canadian postage, but I can use U.S. and that’s why I tell my international readers that I’ll supply the return postage. International Reply Coupons are a pain in the butt.

  9. Fantastic! I love your work and am sad my kitty didn’t get picked but I know you had a hard decision to make from all the beautiful cats. Thank you for the freebie.

  10. Emily Medina

    So we send and envelop inside an envelop with a stamp inside?!..Sorry I just want to make sure

  11. Claudia D.

    Will the cling be sent with the phone? You really treat your fans well. Can’t wait for the Tour T-shirts and The Drafter.

  12. Stacy

    Doing a Happy Dance!!!!! You are too kind, this is so cool!!!!!! Thank you!!

  13. Katie Kilmartin

    What size envelope do i need?

  14. Spiffy! Ii really like that and am anticipating the new read!

  15. How big should the SASE be? So we know how much postage to add? Looks like a great one! Also are burning bunnies still available?

  16. Ashley U.

    Can I mail two SASEs (one for me and one for my mom) in the same envelope or do they need to be mailed separately? I’d like to surprise her and want to make sure I don’t break the rules. So excited for the new series!!!

  17. Vampyre

    Maybe we can get the phones to work if we tie them together with some string. πŸ˜‰

  18. Linda Craft.

    I like the way you build up excitement for a new book. it sure makes the last few months waiting more fun. I look forward to getting one of Peri’s phones when we go to the Nicola’s signing. Can’t wait,

  19. Nici B.

    Hi Kim,
    Thanks for all your effort, I love how you interact with us all the time! And I really look forward to your new series.
    About the freebie: Do you know how much I should put on one of theses envelopes, if it goes back to Germany?
    Otherwise would it also be an option to include the freebie with the t-shirt — I am very likely to order onces available πŸ™‚

    • We’ll put the postage on the SASE for Germany, Nici. It has to be U.S. postage, and it’s just too much a pain to ask you to do it. The phone won’t be in with the T-shirts, no.

  20. Michael Stivers

    Loved the Hollows can not wait to start this new series. Thank you for all that you do.

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