BEA 2015 wrap-up

This morning I’m sitting in my office, looking out at my office, listening to the birds, planning a helacious day of action with Peri–a great mix of lethargic action . . .  Yep, that works, and such a contrast from BEA this weekend, where it was all action and no lethargy as I gave away ARCS, and a few Drafter Tour T shirts to the first 25 through the line. (I’ll have more on how to order later this month.) That’s me with the red lanyard in the center with my editor, Lauren, who some of you might have met as she ran some of the line before me and got your names on your sticky. Yep, the wig is gone, and I don’t miss it. If you’re in there and you want a high def picture, just click it to go to it.


I do like getting to New York and living the reafirmation that I’m not alone at my desk trying to make something real from an idea in my head, a what-if that grows into something bigger by each sharing experience. But wow, it’s nice to get home.



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14 responses to “BEA 2015 wrap-up

  1. Dave Rheuark, BS, MA, PhD, Sometimes Lost

    I get such a lift from your posts and Lord, such a lift from your writing. I am traveling, moving actually, from San Diego, CA to Myrtle Beach, So. Carolina. Tired but still reading. I’m in Amarillo and there is a Barnes and Noble! I am still on break so I am going to find you on the shelf! My very best to you and yours.

  2. Just me

    Hi Kim,

    It was great to see you and your hubby/T at BEA. Thanks for the shirts, OPTI pins, glass phones, and best of all – ARCs.

    P was pleased to hear that I made it in time for my Louis Vuitton of books (the way I described why I needed to drive all night to be in NY after a 10 hour work day:)

    Always glad when you guys make it home safe. Your garden looks beautiful and calm. P and I worked in the yard yesterday, and enjoyed the first fruit from the lemon tree in a lemonade toast.

    Sorry for the late post, but with yard work, job, and meetings I just finished The Drafter.
    Your publicist should run a petition when this book is released called “Arrest Kim Harrison for Disturbing the Peace” because readers will lose a night’s sleep just so they can finish it!

  3. Mercedes

    This comment has absoutely nothing to do with this post and I’m sorry for that but I just wanted to say that I finished “The Witch with No Name” a couple days ago and it was fantastic! Your whole series is amazing. Thank you for writing such great books! Can’t wait to read your next series. 😀

  4. Susan Mitchell

    Oh My God I always thought your red hair was natural. I feel like such an idiot!


  5. Martin

    Good morning Ms. Harrison,
    I’m glad you’re home safe. Arriving home is one of the best parts of traveling.
    I am curious, ignore me if you want. Why did you have a wig in the first place? Your normal hair looks fine.

    • Martin

      It still shows how clueless I can be; I never knew it was a wig.

    • When the Hollows started, I had books out under Dawn Cook along with a photo. Harper wanted a clean break from the fantasy books, so it was suggested I get a wig if I wanted to get out there and do the publicity–which I did. Now that the Kim Harrison name is so well established, I can go back to my normal look without sacrificing any future book’s chances.

    • Martin

      Thanks, makes sense, from a publicity standpoint.

  6. Jay

    Hey Kim! Love the wig-less look! Can’t wait to get a shot at the tour tees.

  7. Vampyre

    I, for one am happy to see you without the wig. Now we know you aren’t bald. 🙂

    Oh my, the dark haired girl on the left about 2 over didn’t get a we shirt, she got a black dress. 😉

    While you we’re away the kittens did play. My boss gave me two kittens. They are a little shy but adjusting nicely.

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