Same time tomorrow

I had a really difficult time this morning finding my groove. It was all I could do to not give in to other things pulling at me. But I opened up my work file instead with the sentiment that I could at least put out a chapter of dialog, no matter how lame. And after five minutes of pain, the idea I wanted to share showed itself.

The point being, if I hadn’t sat down and opened it up, the idea wouldn’t have evolved and tomorrow I would have been at the same point I was this morning.

Moral of the story? Just put down one page of work when you’re stuck. Then walk away if you have to, but don’t walk away until you put down one page. One page for your mind to mull over, one page to have something to spur more thoughts. Or nothing changes.


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10 responses to “Same time tomorrow

  1. Vampyre

    It’s amazing. I thought I had a similar experience to share. As I wrote it down, it sounded like a really lame FB post so never mind, nothing to see here.

    Kim. What are you working on now? Are you putting the final touches on THE DRAFTER or something else? I know you like to work way ahead so I’m guessing it’s a second book,

  2. Denise Hayden

    I have to agree with you Kim on this. How will you know till you try and sometimes that is when the best idea’s will come to you. One page that you can always look over later or the next day and make changes as you like. If you don’t dwell on it, it will come to you. Maybe in its own sweet time but it will come.

  3. Angelique

    Kim, You are so right! It works the same for me. Just sit down and write gives most of the times super ideas including a very happy and satisfied feeling that I pushed my self to do so.

  4. Mike

    I was under the impression that the Rachel Morgan series was done. My son told me recently that there were two more books. I got him hooked on them a couple of years ago. So what’s up Kim? If there are more books I would to love to get them.

  5. Jennifer

    I needed this little pep talk, thank you!

  6. Krista

    Great advice for any author, current or aspiring. Hopefully tomorrow the idea fairy will visit you.

  7. Minna Snow

    Thank you for the pep talk. This is one of those mornings when’s brain is mush. Of course being 69 and shoveling snow for 2 hrs yesterday could be an excuse….NOPE! Has to be a poem in there somewhere! Aha!
    Fluffy snow sparkles;
    Warm in my layered cocoon,
    I scrape shovel tunes.

  8. John Richeson

    This is just like doing a run. You might not feel like it, but just get out the door. It might be the best run you have.

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